Internal Poll Shows Handel Gaining Momentum

New super PAC jumps in to boost Kingston.

Andrea Drusch
May 8, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

A new poll from former Sec­ret­ary of State Kar­en Han­del’s (R) cam­paign, con­duc­ted by Rosetta Stone Com­mu­nic­a­tions (IVR), shows the can­did­ate run­ning neck-and-neck with the fron­trun­ner, busi­ness­man Dav­id Per­due (R) (May 6, 729 RPVs +/- 3.6%). Per­due takes 23% to Han­del’s 21%, fol­lowed by Rep. Jack King­ston (R) with 15%, and Reps. Paul Broun (R) and Phil Gin­grey (R) with 8% apiece. It’s the second poll this month to show Han­del and Per­due nearly tied ahead of the May 20 primary. It’s un­likely any can­did­ate will re­ceive the 50% needed to avoid a run­off, so the two top vote get­ters will likely face off Ju­ly 22. (re­lease)

FUN­DRAIS­ING: An email from former non­profit CEO Michelle Nunn’s cam­paign (D) says she raised $840,000 in the month lead­ing up to her May 20 primary. She’s raked in a total of $6.6 mil­lion since she an­nounced her can­did­acy 9 months ago, in­clud­ing a $2.4 mil­lion haul in the first quarter of 2014. (re­lease)  

A PAC OF HIS OWN: The new South­ern Con­ser­vat­ives Fund will sup­port King­ston. Run by his long­time friend Eric John­son, the group is air­ing pos­it­ive TV ads on his be­half in Al­bany and Ma­con. (At­lanta Journ­al-Con­sti­tu­tion)

NEW GIN­GREY AD: A new Gin­grey ad makes fun of Per­due’s cry­ing baby ads. Gin­grey, an OB-GYN, says “hav­ing de­livered over 5200 ba­bies, I un­der­stand, when it’s time, it’s time. And the time to stop Obama is now.” It’s backed by a $275,000 buy that will run in At­lanta, Ma­con, Colum­bus, and Au­gusta mar­kets lead­ing up to the primary. (Roll Call)

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EN­DORSE­MENTS: One-time pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate Steve For­bes (R) en­dorsed the U.S. Cham­ber-backed King­ston.

“Jack King­ston knows what busi­nesses need to grow be­cause he comes from the busi­ness world,” For­bes said of the can­did­ate. (re­lease)

King­ston also got a nod from former con­gress­man and cre­at­or of the Fair Tax, John Linder. King­ston has been a spon­sor of the Fair Tax bill, which re­places fed­er­al in­come tax with a na­tion­al sales tax, since it was in­tro­duced. (re­lease)

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