Club for Growth Action Attacking Osborn On TV

Andrea Drusch
April 21, 2014, 7 a.m.

A new a six-fig­ure buy from Club for Growth Ac­tion hits back at former Neb­raska Treas­urer Shane Os­born’s (R) at­tacks on Mid­land Uni­versity Pres­id­ent Ben Sas­se (R). The ad calls Os­born’s re­cent ads “false” and bad for the party. It also at­tacks Os­born’s re­cord as state treas­urer, say­ing Neb­raska’s Re­pub­lic­an aud­it­or found “mis­man­age­ment, waste, and un­reas­on­able spend­ing” dur­ing his ten­ure. The spot will be­gin run­ning statewide Tues­day on broad­cast and cable chan­nels.

Mean­while Os­born is up with a new video on his cam­paign site tout­ing his plan for Amer­ic­an en­ergy in­de­pend­ence. The pro­pos­al calls for build­ing the Key­stone XL Pipeline and al­low­ing states to reg­u­late frack­ing and ex­pand off­shore drilling.