Here Are the Members of Congress Who Want Eric Shinseki Gone

More than 100 lawmakers, including a growing number of Democrats, want new leadership at the VA.

National Journal
Sarah Mimms Elahe Izadi
May 29, 2014, 10:47 a.m.

So far, 125 mem­bers of Con­gress have called for Vet­er­ans Af­fairs Sec­ret­ary Eric Shin­seki to step down from of­fice amid the scan­dal en­gulf­ing his de­part­ment. The ma­jor­ity of those mem­bers are Re­pub­lic­ans, but after an in­spect­or gen­er­al’s re­port re­leased Wed­nes­day con­firmed many of the al­leg­a­tions against the de­part­ment, many more Demo­crats have jumped on board, sev­er­al of whom face dif­fi­cult reelec­tion pro­spects in Novem­ber.

Here’s a list of mem­bers in both cham­bers who have called on Shin­seki to resign — or in some cases for Pres­id­ent Obama to fire him out­right — in­clud­ing links to state­ments and video clips. We’ll up­date the tally as more speak out.

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Sen­ate Demo­crats: 10

Al Franken (Minn.) **

Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.) **

Jeff Merkley (Ore.)

Kay Hagan (N.C.) **

Mark Ud­all (Colo.) **

Mark Warner (Va.) **

Mar­tin Hein­rich (N.M.)

Mary Landrieu (La.)

Tim Kaine (Va.)

Tom Ud­all (N.M.)

Sen­ate Re­pub­lic­ans: 14

Dean Heller (Nev.) ***

Deb Fisc­her (Neb.)

Jeff Flake (Ar­iz.)

Jerry Mor­an (Kan.) ***

John Booz­man (Ark.) ***

Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Whip John Cornyn (Texas) **

John Mc­Cain (Ar­iz.)

Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)

Marco Ru­bio (Fla.)

Sen­ate Minor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell (Ky.)

Pat Roberts (Kan.)

Sen­ate Vet­er­ans Af­fairs rank­ing mem­ber Richard Burr (N.C.) ***

Rob Port­man (Ohio)

Tim Scott (S.C.)

House Demo­crats: 30

Ami Be­ra (Cal­if.)

Ann Kuster (N.H.) ***

Bruce Bra­ley (Iowa.) *

Car­ol Shea-Port­er (N.H.)

Col­lin Peterson (Minn.)

Dan Li­p­in­ski (Ill.)

Dan Maf­fei (N.Y.)

Dav­id Ci­cil­line (R.I.)

Dave Loeb­sack (Iowa)

Dav­id Scott (Ga.)

Derek Kilmer (Wash.)

Gary Peters (Mich.) *

Jerry McNer­ney (Cal­if.)

Jim Himes (Conn.)

Joe Gar­cia (Fla.)

John Bar­row (Ga.)

Ju­lia Brown­ley (Cal­if.) ***

Kyrsten Sinema (Ar­iz.)

Michelle Lu­jan Grisham (N.M.)

House Vet­er­ans Af­fairs Com­mit­tee rank­ing mem­ber Mike Michaud (Maine) ***

Nick Ra­hall (W.V.)

Patrick Murphy (Fla.)

Raul Ruiz (Cal­if.) ***

Rick No­lan (Minn.)

Scott Peters (Cal­if.)

Demo­crat­ic Con­gres­sion­al Cam­paign Com­mit­tee chair­man Steve Is­rael (N.Y.)

Su­z­an Del­Bene (Wash.)

Tammy Duck­worth (Ill.)

Tim Ry­an (Ohio)

Tim Walz (Minn.) ***

House Re­pub­lic­ans: 71

Adam Kin­zinger (Ill.)

Ad­ri­an Smith (Neb.)

Bill Cas­sidy (La.) *

Blake Far­enthold (Texas)

Bob Gibbs (Ohio)

Brad­ley Byrne (Ala.)

House Armed Ser­vices Chair­man Buck McK­eon (Cal­if.)

Chris Collins (N.Y.)

Cory Gard­ner (Colo.) *

Dav­id Joyce (Ohio)

Den­nis Ross (Fla.)

Doug Lam­born (Colo.) ***

Duncan Hunter (Cal­if.)

Erik Paulsen (Minn.)

House Vet­er­ans Af­fairs Com­mit­tee Vice-Chair­man Gus Bi­lira­kis (Fla.) ***

Ileana Ros-Le­htin­en (Fla.)

Jack King­ston (Ga.) *

Jack­ie Wal­or­ski (Ind.) ***

Jason Chaf­fetz (Utah)

Jeb Hensarling (Ar­iz.)

Jeff Den­ham (Cal­if.) ***

House Vet­er­ans Af­fairs Com­mit­tee Chair­man Jeff Miller (Fla.) ***

Jim Briden­stein (Okla.)

Jim Ger­lach (Pa.)

Joe Wilson (S.C.)

John Kline (Minn.)

Kay Granger (Texas)

Kenny Marchant (Texas)

Kerry Bentivolio (Mich.)

House Ma­jor­ity Whip Kev­in Mc­Carthy (Cal­if.)

Kristi Noem (S.D.)

Larry Buc­shon (Ind.)

Le­onard Lance (N.J.)

Mar­sha Black­burn (Tenn.)

Martha Roby (Ala.)

Matt Sal­mon (Ar­iz.)

Michele Bach­mann (Minn.)

Mike Coff­man (Colo.) ***

Mike Ro­gers (Ala.)

Patrick McHenry (N.C.)

Patrick Mee­han (Pa.)

Paul Broun (Ga.)

Paul Cook (Ill.) ***

Paul Gos­ar (Ar­iz.)

Pete Olson (Texas)

Phil Gin­grey (Ga.)

Phil Roe (Tenn.) ***

Randy For­bes (Va.)

Re­id Ribble (Wis.)

Rich Nu­gent (Fla.)

Richard Hanna (N.Y.)

Richard Hud­son (N.C.)

Rick Craw­ford (Ark.)

Rob Wittman (Va.)

Robert Pit­tenger (N.C.)

Rod­ney Dav­is (Ill.)

Sean Duffy (Wis.)

Shel­ley Moore Capito (W.Va.) *

Steve Daines (Mont.) *

Steve Pearce (N.M.)

Steve South­er­land (Fla.)

Steve Stivers (Ohio)

Susan Brooks (Ind.)

Ted Yoho (Fla.)

Tim Griffin (Ark.)

Tim Huel­skamp (Kan.) ***

Todd Rokita (Ind.)

Tom Cot­ton (Ark.) *

Tom Lath­am (Iowa)

Tom Marino (Pa.)

Tom Rice (S.C.)

* In­dic­ates a House mem­ber run­ning for the Sen­ate this year

** In­dic­ates sen­at­ors who are up for reelec­tion this year

*** In­dic­ates a mem­ber who sits on his or her cham­ber’s Vet­er­ans’ Af­fairs Com­mit­tee

Cor­rec­tion: An earli­er ver­sion of this story misid­en­ti­fied Sen. Richard Burr as the rank­ing mem­ber on the Sen­ate Armed Ser­vices Com­mit­tee. He holds that po­s­i­tion on the Sen­ate Vet­er­ans Af­fairs Com­mit­tee.

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