Ted Cruz Shows Off His New, Totally Real Winston Churchill Tattoo

Happy April Fool’s Day, from Congress.

Sen. Ted Cruz on Fox News, April 1, 2014.
National Journal
Elahe Izadi
April 1, 2014, 5:34 a.m.

The worst day of the year has ar­rived. On April Fool’s Day, every­one thinks he’s a clown. And that, of course, in­cludes politi­cians.

Take this clip of Ted Cruz on Fox and Friends today, when he showed off a fake Win­ston Churchill tat­too. Yes, the sen­at­or from Texas woke up and took the time to put a fake tat­too of a 20th-cen­tury Brit­ish prime min­is­ter on his bi­cep.{{ BIZOBJ (video: 4854) }}

“I’m proud to stand with Win­ston Churchill. I’m proud to stand, and I’ve got to say my wife was fairly as­ton­ished,” Cruz said as he rolled up his sleeve to show off a por­trait of Churchill with ci­gar in mouth.

The hosts asked if it was real. “If you look at the cal­en­dar, it might sug­gest something about what you’re see­ing,” Cruz said. Get it! It’s April Fool’s! Ha ha ha!

“Sen­at­or Ted Cruz, who is tat­tooed today, but get him be­fore he showers next time,” host Steve Doocy said.

The joke plays off posters that popped up in LA show­ing a tat­tooed Ted Cruz. The Re­pub­lic­an happened to be in Cali­for­nia to at­tend the an­nu­al Win­ston Churchill Din­ner at the Clare­mont In­sti­tute when he spot­ted one and tweeted a photo, writ­ing, “Saw this, but no­ticed an er­ror. So I wanted to make one thing clear: I don’t smoke ci­gar­ettes.”

But it need not be April Fool’s for Cruz to have some fun with the former Brit­ish lead­er. Cruz tried out his best Churchill im­per­son­a­tion dur­ing that LA din­ner.

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Who ever thought a Churchill gag would have such longev­ity?