Man Vs Wild

The Most ‘Alaska’ Headlines of the Year

“Rescued snowmachiner says she didn’t hallucinate wolves” and other run-ins between humans and animals above the 49th parallel.

National Journal
Brian Resnick and Matt Berman
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Brian Resnick Matt Berman
Dec. 17, 2013, 8:13 a.m.

Move over, “Flor­ida Man,” the year’s best head­lines — and by best, we mean those seem­ingly writ­ten by Mad Libs — be­long to the an­im­als of Alaska, and their of­ten ill-fated in­ter­ac­tions with hu­mans.


Man mauled after feed­ing bear some BBQ had been drink­ing, troop­ers say 

The man threw a piece of meat at the bear, which ate it, she said. Then he offered an­oth­er piece, she said.

“That’s when it kind of went bal­list­ic.”

Bear, hunter charge each oth­er; bear backs down 

“As soon as I saw it, I thought ‘small bear.’ ” Af­ter­wards, he said, he re­called ter­rible maul­ings and fatal at­tacks in Alaska by black bears a little more than 100 pounds. “Have you ever tried to fight with a 5-pound house cat? They’ve got claws and teeth and they can hurt you, too.”

… [Be­ing Alaska, the story then segues in­to a run-in with a moose.]

Mar­shall said she spoke to the an­im­al — “I said, ‘Go away, go away,’ ” — but in­stead it kicked her with a fore­leg, hit­ting her hard on the right thigh. A second blow by the moose hit her in the left hip. That’s when she de­cided to keep quiet.

‘I got com­pla­cent,’ sur­viv­or of bear maul­ing says 

[A lot of bear maul­ings hap­pen in Alaska.]

Jim Tuttle knew the bear that mauled him.

Its nick­name was Buddy. Tuttle and the hunters he guided of­ten spot­ted the small fe­male grizzly in the rolling tun­dra north­w­est of Ana­ktuvuk Pass.


Man tick­eted for feed­ing bear that at­tacked him

The man who was mauled by a black bear after toss­ing bar­be­cue meat at the an­im­al Sat­urday has been tick­eted for il­leg­ally feed­ing game, Alaska State Troop­ers say.

Warn­ing: Bears aren’t hi­bern­at­ing yet

A re­mind­er: An­chor­age bears aren’t hi­bern­at­ing yet.

Lazy Moun­tain tur­key killing raises tres­pass ques­tions

He still misses Buddy, one of four tur­keys he in­cub­ated at home four years ago after re­ceiv­ing a ship­ment of eggs from his home state of Neb­raska. The tur­key used to rub up against Vin­duska like a cat or a dog. He’d also get bored and chase cars. 

“He would run out and bite at their tires,” Vin­duska said. “You’d see these people go, ‘What the heck?’ A tur­key is bit­ing at their tires. He’d be so proud when they drove off like he ran them off.”

Wolf chases cyc­list on Alaska High­way des­pite blast of bear spray 

One of three men on a char­ity bike ride from Idaho to Alaska shif­ted in­to high gear on the Alaska High­way in the Yukon when a wolf star­ted pur­su­ing him. Mac Hol­lan man­aged to fire a blast of pep­per spray in­to the wolf’s face, but the pur­suit con­tin­ued.

Hunter car­ries orphaned po­lar bear cub home on snow­ma­chine 

“We were out (look­ing) for cari­bou or any­thing. Wol­ver­ine. Whatever we could find, and we run in­to that bear,” said [James] Tazruk…

Res­cued snow­ma­chiner says she didn’t hal­lu­cin­ate wolves 

Kev­in Mayo says res­cuers may have trampled any wolf tracks and her vivid de­scrip­tion makes him be­lieve his moth­er saw the pred­at­ors. But mostly, he’s happy his moth­er was found alive.

His fath­er, Scott Mayo, was found safe a few hours later.

Search­ers find horse miss­ing for week in Chugach 

Thirsty and miss­ing three shoes, a horse that went miss­ing for a week in the Chugach Moun­tains has been res­cued, ac­cord­ing to its own­ers.

At about 5 p.m. Sat­urday, Christene Grav­ley said her hus­band B.J. and a friend, Rose Brig­mon, had emerged from the Chugach with Windy, the an­im­al that es­caped from a sheep hunt­ing camp last week­end.


Alaska town’s cat may­or at­tacked by dog 

The politi-cat sur­vived the brawl with an es­tim­ated 5-inch gash along his side, a punc­tured lung and a frac­tured sternum, CNN re­ports. Stubbs is re­portedly now breath­ing on his own after re­ly­ing on a chest tube since the at­tack over the Labor Day week­end. He has been re­ceiv­ing care at the Big Lake-Sus­it­na Veter­in­ary Hos­pit­al.



Man swal­lows hu­man toe in fam­ous Klondike ‘Sour­toe’ cock­tail 

An uniden­ti­fied Amer­ic­an vis­it­ing Dawson, Yukon, de­lib­er­ately swal­lowed a hu­man toe that’s the draw — and the dare — in the Down­town Hotel’s fam­ous “Sour­toe Cock­tail” ritu­al. Drink­ers are sup­posed to let the toe touch their lips, but the man non­chal­antly swal­lowed the toe along with the cock­tail in one gulp and dropped $500 on the table to pay the “fine” for tak­ing the toe.

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