Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to assist with any inquiries you may have. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your Dedicated Advisor or email

What is National Journal Group?

National Journal Group is a premier research and insights company committed to helping organizations effectively navigate Washington. We serve more than 1,000 government and business leaders with the intelligence, insights, and connections they need to save time, increase efficiency and deliver success.

Under National Journal Group exist two distinct business divisions--National Journal Membership (NJM) and National Journal Research (NJR). NJM includes our award-winning journalism, Presentation Center and custom collateral creation, exclusive events, tools, and more. NJR provides data and insights, custom benchmarking, strategic engagements, and deep-dive profiling information to help you engage both inside and outside of Washington, DC.

We offer a variety of packages for government affairs teams with resources focused on helping public policy professionals work more efficiently and effectively. We serve both the Hill and the White House, as well as lobbying and public affairs firms, government affairs teams, government contractors, and organizations with a focus on inside-the-beltway issues.

What do I have access to with National Journal Membership?

National Journal Membership resources available to your organization depend on your level of membership. See below for a full list of resources available through Membership. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Member Services at if you have questions about which resources are available to you.

  • Presentation Center: An evolving database of copy-right free PowerPoint slides and infographics that aggregate, synthesize and visualize complex policy and politics. Use these decks on a daily basis to easily communicate back to your stakeholders. Over 250 new slides are available each week.

  • Presentation Center Concierge: On-demand content generation from analysts with expertise in policy, politics, graphic design and data visualization. We distill complex issues into engaging custom slide decks, newsletters, one-pagers, and more entirely in your branding. Rely on the Concierge team to produce any collateral needed for those larger moments throughout the year or when you need something truly specific to your organization and priorities.

  • Almanac: Biographical and background information on all elected officials, Members of Congress, and governors. You can also download congressional, federal agency, Cabinet, and White House staffer contact information.

  • Daybook: Online calendar of important events happening on and around Capitol Hill. Search for events, receive customizable email alerts, and easily export events directly into your own calendar.

  • National Journal Daily: Your source for everything happening on the Hill. Available in print, online, or via email newsletter.

  • The Hotline: The ultimate insider’s source for campaign and election information, available online and via email newsletter.

  • Current Issue Content Hubs: Customizable dashboards on primary issues and areas such as elections, redistricting, and more to help you easily access relevant news, content, and data from across our product suite in one centralized location.

  • Race Tracker: Our campaign polling and finance data tool providing current and historical insights and visualizations for all national, congressional, and gubernatorial races.

  • Email Alerts: Subscribe to any of our newsletters, including Hotline’s Wake-Up Call, National Journal Daily, and The Latest from Charlie Cook. You can also set topic alerts, delivered to your inbox at a frequency best for you.

  • Best Practice Insights: Our Washington in the Information Age (WIA) report breaks down the media consumption habits of Washington Insiders - including policymakers on the Hill, in federal agencies, and in the private sector. Learn where and how policymakers get their information and what sources they trust, to gain insight that will help you build an effective communications strategy.

  • Exclusive In-Person Events and Webinars: Join industry peers at member-only National Journal events, including webinars on in-depth policy issues, race and election updates, and deep dives into influential players in Washington to intimate lunch and dinner events with Charlie Cook, private roundtable discussions, and our annual Leadership Summit.

  • Vignette: A product of National Journal Research, Vignette is a database of in-depth profiles of key players in Washington. Our database and people research service provides thousands of in-depth, downloadable profiles on policymakers and influencers at the federal, state, and local levels.

What is available through National Journal Research?

National Journal Research is a custom offering sold outside of Membership. Our team of research analysts focus on custom stakeholder mapping, strategic planning, deep-dive profiles of policymakers and influencers, corporate social responsibility, benchmarking, and more. Our model is flexible to client needs and we employ a detailed, human-driven methodology to help you achieve your goals.

Research products include:

  • Network Science Initiative: We conduct deep research on people and organizations, map the connections among them, and identify viable pathways to exerting influence, advancing development efforts, and more. All work is custom and tailored to fit the client’s use case.
  • Vignette: Our database and people research service provides thousands of in-depth, downloadable profiles on policymakers and influencers at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • PAC Vetting Service: Receive nonpartisan and objective research on your PAC candidates’ policy, affiliations, actions, and statements; reported controversies; and stances and efforts in diversity and inclusion. We help identify and continuously monitor key reputational risks.

Who do I contact for questions about my National Journal account?

For any questions related to your National Journal Membership, please contact your Dedicated Advisor. You can find your Dedicated Advisor’s photo, name, and contact information on the upper right side of your homepage. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or by emailing

How do I get a login for my National Journal account?

Logins can be created within minutes. If you would like to request a user account, please contact your Dedicated Advisor, or Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

I forgot my password. How do I log in?

To reset your password, please visit Once you have entered your email address, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you do not see it right away, be sure to check your Spam folder. If you have not received the email link within 30 minutes, please contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

How can my colleague get access to our National Journal resources?

Please reach out to your Dedicated Advisor to set up accounts for others or to make changes to your own. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter or email alert?

To unsubscribe from any National Journal newsletter or email alert, go to your My Account page. Under Newsletters, simply click on any bolded newsletter name to unsubscribe. Under Topic Alerts, make sure no boxes are checked in the entire list. Under Custom Alerts, you can click on the “x” to the right of any alerts listed under the “Save Alert” button. If you would like to unsubscribe from all newsletters and email alerts, click “Unsubscribe from all alerts and newsletters” under your name at the top of the page. If you have any questions or continue to receive unwanted newsletters or email alerts after following these steps, please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Member Services at

Is there a mobile app?

National Journal does not have a mobile app. If you would like to access our resources on your smartphone or tablet, our website is mobile-friendly.

What is the Presentation Center?

The Presentation Center is a library of PowerPoint slides and decks that cover current political news and what’s happening in Washington. These slides can be updated in your branding and used in your own presentations, newsletters or briefings, social media, blog posts, and more. All presentations and slides are copyright-free and white label for our members.

Can I customize and share slides from the Presentation Center?

Yes. Our slides are copyright-free for our members. Feel free to share them with your stakeholders via your website, social media, presentation, etc.

I’m having trouble finding a certain slide in the Presentation Center, what do I do?

Presentation Center hosts thousands of slides, charts, and infographics which can be searched by topic and tag. If you are having trouble finding a specific slide, please email your Dedicated Advisor for assistance. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

Can National Journal make custom slides or take requests for slides or data?

Yes, through our Presentation Center Concierge service, our analysts can produce custom content and materials for your biggest moments throughout the year. Simply provide our team with data, notes, or an outline and we’ll do the rest. To submit a Concierge request or to learn more, please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

There are some presentations that say I don’t have access. How do I get access?

Presentations marked “Premium” are a part of the Presentation Center Verticals collection, which includes in-depth policy coverage across six industries: Energy, Health Care, Finance, Tax/Economy/Labor, Technology, and Cybersecurity & Defense. To learn more about adding this premium content to your Membership package, please contact your Dedicated Advisor.

Where can I RSVP for National Journal member events?

You can RSVP on our events page or by reaching out to your Dedicated Advisor. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

Why can’t I find what I am looking for on the site?

Using the search bar on the homepage, you will be able to search all aspects of the website. Our search feature utilizes Boolean search, so feel free to combine phrases or terms together. Using quotations helps to narrow your search as well. If you are having trouble finding content on the website, you may want to reach out to your Dedicated Advisor for a complete walk-through of all of the tools and resources available to you. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

How can I get a copy of NJDaily in print delivered to my office?

Print copies of National Journal Daily are available for delivery to offices inside the Beltway. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or to set this up. You can also contact Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or

Can you set up IP access for my office or building?

Yes. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Member Services at to set up IP access for your office.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or issues not listed here?

Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Member Services at (202) 266-7900 or


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