National Journal Names Scott Bland Hotline Editor-in-Chief


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April 3, 2014, 6:12 a.m.

Na­tion­al Journ­al Names Scott Bland Hot­line Ed­it­or-in-Chief

WASH­ING­TON, D.C., April 3, 2014 — Na­tion­al Journ­al Ed­it­or-in-Chief and Pres­id­ent Tim Grieve today an­nounced the pro­mo­tion of Scott Bland to ed­it­or-in-chief of The Hot­line, Wash­ing­ton’s premi­er daily tip sheet on cam­paigns and elec­tions since 1987.

“Scott’s ex­pert­ise and deep un­der­stand­ing of our polit­ic­al sys­tem po­s­i­tions him per­fectly for tak­ing up the reins at Hot­line,” said Grieve. “As a Hot­line vet­er­an, he takes on the role with big ideas for build­ing on the suc­cess Hot­line has had over the last 27 years.”

Pre­vi­ously, Bland covered the House, Sen­ate, and gov­ernor’s races as a seni­or ana­lyst for The Hot­line. He covered the 2012 elec­tions as the ed­it­or of House Race Hot­line, The Hot­line‘s daily di­gest of House race news and ana­lys­is. Bland joined Na­tion­al Journ­al in 2010 as re­search as­sist­ant to Ed­it­or­i­al Dir­ect­or Ron­ald Brown­stein. Bland’s work has also ap­peared in the Chris­ti­an Sci­ence Mon­it­or, TheAt­, the Scripps Howard Found­a­tion Wire, and Stan­ford Uni­versity’s alumni magazine.

Grieve also an­nounced that An­drea Drusch will be join­ing the Hot­line team as a seni­or ana­lyst. Drusch pre­vi­ously worked as a di­git­al pro­du­cer for Politico.

The Hot­line was re­cently named a fi­nal­ist in the min Di­git­al Awards for Premi­um Con­tent. Last fall, The Hot­line rolled out new ser­vices and tools, in­clud­ing a cus­tom­iz­able “Race Track­er” dash­board on the homepage, race-by-race sum­mary pages, FEC cam­paign fin­ance re­ports, polling res­ults and na­tion­al ap­prov­al rat­ings, me­dia men­tions and so­cial-me­dia track­ing, and full on­line ac­cess to the 2014 Al­man­ac of Amer­ic­an Polit­ics.

Since 2008, The Hot­line has hos­ted an an­nu­al trivia event fea­tur­ing mem­bers of Con­gress, polit­ic­al op­er­at­ives, re­port­ers, and Na­tion­al Journ­al mem­bers. The sixth an­nu­al Hot­line “Polit­ic­al Pur­suit” event has been sched­uled for Ju­ly 9, 2014. More in­form­a­tion will be avail­able in the com­ing months.


Me­dia Con­tact:

Emma V. Anger­er

Com­mu­nic­a­tions Dir­ect­or


(202) 266-7405

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