Hutchinson Fights Attacks Labeling Him a Tax Cheat

Democratic poll shows candidates tied at 44% each.

Karyn Bruggeman
Aug. 22, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

A sur­vey from Opin­ion Re­search As­so­ci­ates (D) for the Arkan­sas Demo­crat­ic Party shows former Rep. Mike Ross (D) tied with former Rep. Asa Hutchin­son (R) at 44%. (Aug. 6-14; 414 RVs; +/- 4.9%) (The Hill)

In a new ad out Thursday, Hutchin­son fights back against at­tacks from the Demo­crat­ic Gov­ernors As­so­ci­ation ac­cus­ing him of cheat­ing on his taxes. Hutchin­son ex­plains he “re­por­ted the mis­take him­self and paid his bill in full.” (Hot­line re­port­ing)

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