Robopoll: Ige Holds 10-Point Lead

In a new ad, Abercrombie’s Democratic challenger says he’s “someone you can trust.”

Karyn Bruggeman
Aug. 1, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

A new sur­vey from the Mer­ri­m­an River Group (IVR) for the Hon­olulu Civil Beat (Jul. 24-28; 895 LVs; +/- 3.3%) shows state Sen. Dav­id Ige (D) lead­ing Gov. Neil Aber­crom­bie (D) by 10 per­cent­age points head­ing in­to the Aug. 9 primary. Ige leads 51-41%, which ap­pears to be driv­en mostly by voter’s neg­at­ive views of Aber­crom­bie. (re­lease)

IGE AD. In his second tele­vi­sion ad re­leased Thursday, a nar­rat­or presents the choice between Aber­crom­bie and Ige as one between “the same politi­cians who put spe­cial in­terests ahead of you or someone you can trust.” Ige pledges as gov­ernor to provide af­ford­able hous­ing, make in­vest­ments in tour­ism and mil­it­ary, in­vest in schools, and “pro­tect our kupuna.”(Hot­line re­port­ing)

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