Storm-Chasing in Space: NASA Captures a Twister on the Sun — VIDEO

March 21, 2012, 7:10 a.m.

NASA sci­ent­ists re­cently re­leased HD foot­age of an erup­tion on the sun that look like a tor­nado one might find on Earth. The space tor­nado, however, swirled a thou­sand times faster, reach­ing speeds of more than 186,000 miles an hour (com­pared to tor­nadoes on Earth that whirl closer to 100 miles per hour).

Last month, im­ages of dust dev­ils dan­cing on the sur­face of Mars were cap­tured by the Sol­ar Dy­nam­ics Ob­ser­vat­ory.

Click through to watch foot­age of these space storms and oth­er cap­tiv­at­ing video from NASA.