Yeah, He Went There

<i>Advocate</i>‘s Gill dubs “Cassidycare” a major problem for GOP.

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Aug. 29, 2013, 7:23 a.m.

In a column of­fi­cially in­stat­ing the monik­er “Cas­sidy­care,” the Bat­on Rouge Ad­voc­ate‘s Gill ques­tions wheth­er Rep. Bill Cas­sidy (R-06) can make a case against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D), giv­en that he pro­posed le­gis­la­tion with sim­il­ar pro­vi­sions to the Af­ford­able Care Act while serving in the state Sen­ate. Gill writes: “Secretly,” Re­pub­lic­ans “must love” Landrieu. “They are out to keep her safe this time by ral­ly­ing be­hind U.S. Rep. Bill Cas­sidy, who will be por­trayed throughout the cam­paign as a trait­or to his own sig­na­ture is­sue.” Cas­sidy’s le­gis­la­tion didn’t in­clude an in­di­vidu­al man­date, but the de­tails de­bate over the dif­fer­ences between his bill and the Af­ford­able Care Act “may get lost in the hurly burly of the cam­paign. That Cas­sidy shared Obama’s en­thu­si­asm for a gov­ern­ment role in uni­ver­sal health care may mat­ter more than their dif­fer­ing no­tions of how to achieve it. … Voters must won­der about his smarts if Cas­sidy did not ex­pect Demo­crats to pounce on the ap­par­ent shift in his prin­ciples.” He could have brought it up be­fore op­pos­i­tion re­search­ers found it. “Now, his re­sponse is to lam­baste Landrieu yet again for sup­port­ing Obama­care, while do­ing noth­ing to counter the im­pres­sion that a guilty secret has been un­covered.” (Bat­on Rouge Ad­voc­ate)
Sarah Mimms