Choice Words

Pro-Life Org Hits Incumbent With Radio Ads

Oct. 13, 2010, 12:25 p.m.

Com­mon Sense SD an­nounced 10/12 it’ll spend up to $100K on ra­dio ads to cri­ti­cize Rep. Stephanie Her­seth Sand­lin (D) “ties” to pro-choice groups. The ad will point out she’s taken $864K from those groups.

Her­seth Sand­lin ad­visor Russ Levsen said Her­seth Sand­lin “has worked to pre­vent and re­duce abor­tions,” and hit back against the ad, ques­tion­ing the group’s tech­niques in oth­er states. Levsen: “This ex­treme, out-of-state group has been caught us­ing sleazy cam­paign tac­tics across the coun­try, and now they are fun­nel­ing money in­to South Dakota to try to tell our state’s voters how to vote” (El­lis, Sioux Falls Ar­gus Lead­er, 10/13).