Super Campaigning: Obama, Romney Will Have Super Bowl Events in Indiana - PICTURES

Feb. 3, 2012, 11:14 a.m.

On Sunday, the New Eng­land Pat­ri­ots and the New York Gi­ants will vie for the NFL’s Lom­bardi Trophy at the Su­per Bowl in In­di­ana­pol­is — a crown­ing achieve­ment in Amer­ic­an sports. Mean­while, Pres­id­ent Obama and Mitt Rom­ney are locked in a con­test for the crown­ing achieve­ment in Amer­ic­an polit­ics — the pres­id­ency. To reach that goal, the cam­paigns of both can­did­ates will be hold­ing events. Here’s a look at who will be at­tend­ing