QUIZ: Ethnic Origins of Celebs and Politicos

May 24, 2012, 4:41 a.m.

It’s not al­ways easy to tell where someone is from just by look­ing at them. Giv­en that Amer­ica is an in­creas­ingly di­verse “melt­ing pot,”  de­du­cing a per­son’s back­ground can provide in­sights in­to the dangers of as­sump­tions.

We’ve as­sembled a col­lec­tion of celebrit­ies and politi­cians whose eth­ni­cit­ies or her­it­age go bey­ond their looks. Can you guess the na­tion­al or geo­pol­it­ic­al ori­gins of the fol­low­ing house­hold names? An­swers are dis­played in sub­sequent slides.