Neil Armstrong Dies at 82: Remembering the Still Unbelievable Apollo 11 Mission — PICTURES

Aug. 25, 2012, noon

Amer­ic­an as­tro­naut and first man on the moon Neil Arm­strong died today, at 82 years old. CBS news is re­port­ing that his passing is re­lated to on­go­ing car­di­ovas­cu­lar prob­lems. Earli­er in the month he un­der­went heart by­pass sur­gery.

Forty-three years after he first stepped on the moon, the ac­com­plish­ment still seems un­real, es­pe­cially for people who were too young to know what was hap­pen­ing, or were born later.

But it happened, not just once but a few times be­fore Amer­ica’s space pro­gram changed its fo­cus and people stopped go­ing to our only nat­ur­al satel­lite.

Be­low are pho­tos of the trip, and a video of the cov­er­age from CBS of the launch. Also is a 1970 BBC in­ter­view with Arm­strong in which he dis­cusses his ex­per­i­ence on the moon and touches on what he saw might be the fu­ture of hu­man space flight to the moon.