Newspaper Presidential Endorsements in Battleground States

Oct. 25, 2012, 12:46 p.m.

Which news­pa­pers have en­dorsed Barack Obama and which have en­dorsed Mitt Rom­ney?

The Wash­ing­ton Post: “Mr. Obama is com­mit­ted to the only ap­proach that can suc­ceed: a bal­ance of en­ti­tle­ment re­form and rev­en­ue in­creases.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

Ari­zona Re­pub­lic: “We be­lieve the na­tion’s best op­por­tun­ity to es­cape the com­pound­ing woes of spiral­ing debt and eco­nom­ic stag­na­tion lies with a pres­id­ent who be­lieves in the free mar­ket’s ca­pa­city to heal its own wounds. That lead­er is Rom­ney.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

Char­lotte Ob­serv­er: “The Amer­ica he be­lieves in cel­eb­rates the com­mon good as well as the in­di­vidu­al good. When the eco­nomy im­proves — and it will — the coun­try needs a pres­id­ent with that agenda, with those val­ues. We en­dorse Barack Obama for an­oth­er four years.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

Colum­bus Dis­patch: “Obama has failed. That is why Mitt Rom­ney is the pre­ferred choice for pres­id­ent.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

The Plain Deal­er of Clev­e­land: “Today, we re­com­mend Pres­id­ent Obama’s re-elec­tion. He has led the na­tion back from the brink of de­pres­sion. Ohio in par­tic­u­lar has be­nefited from his bold de­cision to re­vive the do­mest­ic auto in­dustry.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

Or­lando Sen­tinel: “Rom­ney has a strong re­cord of lead­er­ship to run on. He built a suc­cess­ful busi­ness. He res­cued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scan­dal and mis­man­age­ment. As gov­ernor of Mas­sachu­setts, he worked with a Demo­crat-dom­in­ated le­gis­lature to close a $3bil­lion budget de­fi­cit without bor­row­ing or rais­ing taxes, and pass the health plan that be­came a na­tion­al mod­el.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

The Den­ver Post: “The pres­id­ent’s most re­cent plan for budget-cut­ting is closer to be­ing the right re­cipe in that it in­cludes a mix of rev­en­ue in­creases and spend­ing cuts.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

Las Ve­gas Re­view-Journ­al: “The choice is clear. Only Mitt Rom­ney has the prin­ciples and ex­per­i­ence needed to put Amer­ica back on the road to prosper­ity.” Read the full en­dorse­ment.

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