Cleveland Restores Slavic Village Neighborhood

Dec. 10, 2012, 3:24 p.m.

Ground Zero in the na­tion’s hous­ing fore­clos­ure crisis was Slavic Vil­lage, an old eth­nic neigh­bor­hood of Clev­e­land in the zip code that had the most fore­clos­ures in the coun­try in 2007. But rather than sur­ren­der­ing, the neigh­bor­hood fought back. In do­ing so, it gave the na­tion an ex­ample of how gov­ern­ment ““ like Coun­cil­man Tony Bran­ca­telli ““ and the cit­izenry ““ in­clud­ing both new­comers like Jeremy Sa­lupo and old-timers in Pol­ish eth­nic groups ““ can work to­geth­er to re­claim a ven­er­able but troubled neigh­bor­hood.