Scenes From John Brennan’s Confirmation Hearing

Feb. 7, 2013, 12:45 p.m.

John Bren­nan, Pres­id­ent Obama’s nom­in­ee to head the CIA, first faced pro­test­ers and then some tough ques­tions dur­ing his Sen­ate con­firm­a­tion hear­ing on Thursday.

Bren­nan’s hear­ing was dis­ruped early on by demon­strat­ors from the group Code Pink protest­ing Bren­nan’s role in over­see­ing the clas­si­fied drone pro­gram that tar­gets ter­ror­ists, in­clud­ing U.S. cit­izens. 

Sen­ate In­tel­li­gence Com­mit­tee Chair­wo­man Di­anne Fein­stein, D-Cal­if., ordered the cham­ber cleared of the pub­lic. After that, the fire he faced was from his ques­tion­ers on the In­tel­li­gence pan­el.