Telling a good story is an effective way to bring your issue to life and build rapport with policymakers. National Journal has resources to help you find stories, tell stories, and help your advocates tell better stories.

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Good storytelling takes time and practice. Telling a good story is a lot like telling a good joke. The first time you tell it, it may not land all that well. But we read our audience's reaction, make some tweaks, and try again until eventually we land the joke (or ... Read More
Yes. Though in everyday conversation you might still hear and use "story" and "narrative" interchangeably, they're not the same things. And the difference is more than just semantics. A narrative is a telling of a sequence of events. This happened, and that happened, and something else happened, and so on. ... Read More
We're often asked whether it's better to present data at the beginning or end of a story. But we don't believe the timing of where you place the data is all that influential over whether or not a story lands. What's most important is to make sure that the data ... Read More