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Digital and social media offer a virtually endless supply of new tools for influencing policymakers. Leading organizations in Washington are using these resources to clear the path for their lobbyists, strategically shaping their environments before they even step foot in a Hill office. National Journal is here to help you get started no matter your experience or tolerance for risk.

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A single tweet or post online is a drop in the social ocean. And a thousand comments distributed diffusely across different targets will quickly get drowned out in the noise. But channeling social media activity from your advocates can amplify their voices into real public pressure. Unlike a form letter, ... Read More
No – in fact, some of the greatest value in using social media comes from listening, not speaking. Listening can help gather new intelligence to head off hidden threats or chart new pathways to influence. For instance, you can identify who an influencer talks to, who they source, what they ... Read More
There are 5 key players who shape (and are shaped by) online conversations: Experts, Issue-Passionates, Accelerators, Lurkers (they just listen), and – most importantly – the Framers. These framers are the most influential group of social media participants. They don’t generate that many ideas (that’s what Experts do) and they ... Read More