Put analytic rigor behind emerging strategic priorities, long-term operational planning, and urgent tasks.

We support your strategic planning so you can effectively activate your internal and external stakeholders.

Key Projects Include:

Social Issue Monitoring & Benchmarking
Monitor the full range of social issues your corporation may be asked to weigh in on, proactively analyzing the way your corporation may be drawn into the conversation and benchmarking the engagement of your peers to determine if and how to further your corporate engagement on the issue.

Policy Engagement Benchmarking
Develop a data-driven understanding of peer engagement on priority policy issues and formulate your own strategy for unifying and deepening policy-specific actions.

Narrative Development
Craft a compelling narrative to resonate with policy and brand stakeholders, informed by rigorous analysis of the issue landscape, internal company initiatives, and opportunities to differentiate.

Executive & Board Activation
Expand your roster of internal thought leaders and advocates by identifying pathways to strategically deploy executives and board members in support of policy and brand goals.

Event Support
Generate a research-based list of potential event participants and suggest creative panelists and speakers on key topics.

Executive Support
Create executive summary slides and memos that can be converted to white label deliverables and plugged into your processes.

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