A data-driven strategy for identifying audiences and influential pathways

Network Science Initiative (NSI) is a custom research and consulting division specializing in stakeholder mapping and strategy development.

We identify the most influential people and organizations on your priority policy and brand issues, map their connections, and develop data-driven messaging and engagement strategies for influencing key players.

  • Discover emerging power centers and quiet voices within debates using hand-curated datasets and analysis of key influencers’ expertise and connectivity.
  • Visualize the relationships among key influencers and communities, and how those connections can shape decision-makers.
  • Develop an actionable engagement strategy using our datasets, executive summaries, white-label presentations, and on-site client-ready presentations.

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NSI for Government Affairs

Targeted People Research

Deep research and analysis on influencers’ policy views, pathways for engaging them, and recommend tailored messaging.

Third-Party Analysis

Understand the full range of actors shaping an issue and build effective campaigns that leverage strategic partners. We help you amplify your efforts, reach the right audiences, and develop strategies to counter opposing messaging.

Stakeholder Strategy Support

Activate stakeholders and put analytic rigor behind emerging priorities, long term operational planning, and urgent tasks.

NSI for Government Contractors

Our engagements for the government contracting market center on two core research models designed to add rigor to the business development process.

Business Development & Capture Support

Identify the key networks of experts driving federal trends to help government contractors proactively position and shape business-critical opportunities.

Market Intelligence & Strategy Support

Expand into new markets or establish leadership around emerging capabilities. We provide long-term market intelligence and strategy support by identifying the key networks of experts driving federal trends.

Risk Management Coverage

PAC Vetting Service

Ensure your PAC donations align with your organization's values. This service tracks over 400 (and growing) members of Congress to help clients identify and continuously monitor key reputational risks associated with candidates.

Societal Issue Benchmarking

Closely track the politicization of key social issues, and the reaction to corporate engagement on these issues from policymakers, media, shareholders, and more. We help you strategize your engagement effort considering issue nuances and the potential political backlash associated with engagement.
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