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Research and Advisory Services

Network Science Initiative

NJ conducts deep research on people and organizations, maps the connections among them, and identifies viable pathways to exerting influence, advancing strategic development efforts, and more.

  • Discover emerging power centers and quiet voices within debates using our hand-curated datasets and analyses of key influencers’ expertise and connectivity.
  • Visualize the relationships among key influencers and communities and how those connections shape decision making and policy.
  • Develop an actionable engagement strategy leveraging in-house expertise and our executive summaries, white-label presentations (intended for client stakeholders), and on-site presentations.

Our expertise is using rigorous methodology to understand people relationships and to advise more than 70 of Washington’s leading organizations and top government contractors

See our work in action . Power Mapping 2020 helps advocates see the complex networks behind leading presidential candidates, understand implications, and develop smart road maps for engaging each campaign. Download this profile to learn how Kamala Harris’ networks impact her campaign and platform. Interested another candidate? Email Katie Collins .

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Ballast Research

How do leading companies and associations know—and prove —that their advocacy is effective? Ballast Research answers this question through research and insights culled directly from federal and state policymakers.

  • Validate your advocacy strategy using Ballast’s data from senior policymakers that provide feedback on what advocacy strategies work and which ones don’t.
  • Demonstrate your advocacy’s ROI with Ballast’s Policy Brand Index service, which measures your reputation and advocacy investments over time.

Our expertise is advising government affairs leaders with exclusive research on brand reputation and advocacy strategy.

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