One Year Later: The Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

March 9, 2012, 3:43 a.m.

A year after an earth­quake and tsunami hit north­ern Ja­pan, pro­gress has been made in re­cov­ery, but not much, ac­cord­ing to the Los Angeles Times and oth­er me­dia re­ports. Much of the rubble has been cleaned up, but many thou­sands of people still live in tem­por­ary homes, towns and vil­lages re­main leveled, and all but two of the coun­try’s 54 com­mer­cial nuc­le­ar re­act­ors are idle, the New York Times re­ports.

(PIC­TURES: Earth­quake in Ja­pan — 2011)

Be­low are pho­tos of some of the areas in north­ern Ja­pan that were af­fected by the twin dis­asters. The second im­age is an­im­a­tion re­leased by NOAA after the earth­quake.