Hotline: April 10, 2017


NRCC Increases Its Digital Fundraising Footprint

The committee far surpassed its previous off-year effort in strong overall first quarter.

By Ally Mutnick

Demo­crats are known for their grass­roots fun­drais­ing prowess, but the GOP is mount­ing a comeback.

The Na­tion­al Re­pub­lic­an Con­gres­sion­al Com­mit­tee has already raised more on­line in the first three months of 2017 than it did on­line in all of 2015, haul­ing in $1.7 mil­lion from Janu­ary through March com­pared to their $1.3 mil­lion in the pre­vi­ous off-year.

A quarter-to-quarter com­par­is­on is even more im­press­ive. With nearly 60,000 more on­line donors and a lower av­er­age dona­tion, the com­mit­tee di­git­ally raised nearly six times as much as it did in the first quarter of 2015. And it raised al­most twice as much as the first quarter of 2016, an elec­tion year.

The new NR­CC num­bers are not­able for their growth but still lag their Demo­crat­ic coun­ter­parts, who dwarfed the GOP in first quarter di­git­al fun­drais­ing with $13.7 mil­lion. But House Re­pub­lic­ans have been in­vest­ing in their di­git­al op­er­a­tion, and di­git­al dir­ect­or Ted Peterson de­scribed “over­whelm­ing en­thu­si­asm from low dol­lar donors at levels we have nev­er ex­per­i­enced in the his­tory of the NR­CC.”

Both cam­paign com­mit­tees at­trib­ute some of their re­spect­ive fun­drais­ing suc­cesses to the new pres­id­ent. Buoyed by Pres­id­ent Trump‘s head­lining of the an­nu­al March din­ner, the NR­CC had a gang­busters first three months of the year, rak­ing in al­most $36 mil­lion—al­most twice what it raised dur­ing the same peri­od of 2015. Mean­while, Demo­crats say their surge in on­line dona­tions are demon­strat­ive of wide­spread Trump back­lash.

Ally Mut­nick

Trump Faces Looming 100-Day Mark

Trump spoke with two of the Koch brothers Saturday at Mar-a-Lago.

By karyn-bruggeman

For Pres­id­ent Trump, “[t]he sym­bol­ic 100-day mark by which mod­ern pres­id­ents are judged men­aces for an im­age-ob­sessed chief ex­ec­ut­ive whose open­ing sprint has been marred by le­gis­lat­ive stumbles, leg­al set­backs, seni­or staff knee­cap­ping one an­oth­er, the resig­na­tion of his na­tion­al se­cur­ity ad­viser and near-daily head­lines and head­aches about links to Rus­sia.” (Politico)

KOCH MEET­ING. Trump met with two of the Koch broth­ers Sat­urday at Mar-a-Lago. “While Bill Koch sup­por­ted Trump dur­ing the gen­er­al elec­tion, Dav­id Koch and his older broth­er Charles Koch side­lined their massive polit­ic­al ma­chine dur­ing the pres­id­en­tial cam­paign in protest of Trump.” The Koch net­work has been spend­ing money against some parts of the Trump agenda. (Politico)

SYR­IA RE­AC­TION. Some Trump sup­port­ers were wary, or angry about his de­cision to bomb Syr­ia, ex­press­ing the de­cisions in­con­gru­ence with Trump’s “Amer­ica first” ap­proach. (NBC News)

WHITE HOUSE STAFF IS­SUES. “Trump is con­sid­er­ing a ma­jor shake-up of his staff, a seni­or ad­min­is­tra­tion of­fi­cial said Fri­day, as he looks to build a more co­hes­ive op­er­a­tion after a tu­mul­tu­ous start in the White House.” Trump is “in­creas­ingly un­happy over the feud­ing that has run through the West Wing and is de­term­ined to see it end, the of­fi­cial said. …Trump is spe­cific­ally eval­u­at­ing wheth­er to keep his chief of staff, Re­ince Priebus, and his chief strategist, Steve Ban­non, in their cur­rent po­s­i­tions.” (Wall Street Journ­al)

On Sunday, Politico re­por­ted that Trump “seems will­ing to give the Ban­non-Kush­ner-Priebus de­tente time to try to take hold be­fore mak­ing any drastic staff changes.” (Politico)

The New York Times re­por­ted on a book that’s in­flu­enced Ban­non’s world­view. “‘The Fourth Turn­ing,’ a 1997 work by two am­a­teur his­tor­i­ans, Neil Howe and Wil­li­am Strauss, lays out a the­ory that Amer­ic­an his­tory un­furls in pre­dict­able, 80-year cycles of prosper­ity and cata­strophe. And it fore­sees cata­strophe right around the corner.” (New York Times)

There was one ac­tu­al de­par­ture from the West Wing over the week­end. “Deputy na­tion­al se­cur­ity ad­viser K.T. Mc­Far­land is ex­pec­ted to leave her Na­tion­al Se­cur­ity Coun­cil post and is ex­pec­ted to be named U.S. am­bas­sad­or to Singa­pore…Mc­Far­land…was named to her post by the pre­vi­ous na­tion­al se­cur­ity ad­viser, Mi­chael Flynn.” (Wash­ing­ton Post)

VIS­IT­OR LOG. “A co­ali­tion of gov­ern­ment watch­dog groups plans to sue the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion on Monday with the aim of com­pel­ling the White House to con­tin­ue Pres­id­ent Barack Obama’s prac­tice of re­leas­ing logs of lob­by­ists and oth­ers who vis­it the com­plex.” (Wash­ing­ton Post)

TRUMP TRAVEL COSTS. “In total, Trump has spent time at one or more Trump-branded prop­er­ties on 28 of the days he’s been pres­id­ent — mean­ing that he vis­its a prop­erty that’s part of his private busi­ness em­pire more than one-third of the days he’s been in of­fice, or once every 2.8 days. The fre­quency at which he golfs is lower: He’s golfed on 17.9 per­cent of the days he’s been pres­id­ent, or about once every 5.6 days.” (Wash­ing­ton Post)

“Trump’s trips to his lux­ury Flor­ida re­sort have already cost the US tax­pay­er at least $24 mil­lion…roughly as much as Barack Obama spent on travel in the first two years of his pres­id­ency.” (In­de­pend­ent)


Sanders, Perez Headed to Maine Next Week

The DNC could spend money on the Montana special election and Omaha mayoral race.

By karyn-bruggeman

Demo­crat­ic Na­tion­al Com­mit­tee chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be­gin their cross-coun­try unity tour on April 17 in Maine. The DNC could also make in­vest­ments soon “in Neb­raska – where Demo­crats hope to win back the may­or­alty of Omaha – and in Montana, where” Demo­crat Rob Quist “a Sanders-backed House can­did­ate has be­gun to at­tract at­ten­tion ahead of a spe­cial elec­tion.” (Wash­ing­ton Post) After the first stop in Maine, the unity tour will take the pair to Ken­tucky, Flor­ida, Neb­raska, Utah, Montana, Ari­zona and Nevada. (re­lease)

2016 RE­DUX. Sanders last “week launched a pod­cast ver­sion of his talk show ‘The Bernie Sanders Show.’” There are cur­rently three epis­odes avail­able for down­load. (The Hill)

“Over 2,500 people packed the ball­room of the new Mar­ri­ott Mar­quis hotel in down­town Hou­s­ton Fri­day af­ter­noon to see one of Hil­lary Clin­ton’s rare pub­lic ap­pear­ances since los­ing the pres­id­en­tial elec­tion in Novem­ber. The oc­ca­sion was a fun­draiser for An­nie’s List.” (Texas Monthly)


Idaho GOP Hires New Director

Ex-House members in White House couldn’t sway their former colleagues on health care.

By karyn-bruggeman

Idaho Re­pub­lic­an Party Chair­man Steve Yates “an­nounced Fri­day that Lyn­del Strong will take over for cur­rent Ex­ec­ut­ive Dir­ect­or Dav­id John­ston on April 17.” (AP)

You Can’t Go Home Again. “They had 30 years of com­bined ser­vice in the House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives, deep ties to the Re­pub­lic­an Party’s con­ser­vat­ive wing and the back­ing of a pres­id­ent who is pop­u­lar with their party’s base.

“But three former con­gress­men now serving at the top ranks of the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion mis­read their former House col­leagues and failed, at least so far, in their ef­fort to push an over­haul of the Af­ford­able Care Act through the cham­ber. Now, Re­pub­lic­an law­makers have headed home for a two-week re­cess empty-handed and with a top le­gis­lat­ive pri­or­ity stalled, des­pite a con­cer­ted push by Vice Pres­id­ent Mike Pence, White House Budget Dir­ect­or Mick Mul­vaney and Tom Price, the sec­ret­ary of Health and Hu­man Ser­vices.

“Their in­ab­il­ity to sway the House stands as one of the sur­prises of Pres­id­ent Don­ald Trump’s ten­ure, with im­plic­a­tions for tough le­gis­lat­ive tasks ahead.” (Wall Street Journ­al)


Digital Ad Targets Potential Senate Candidates on Health Care

McConnell doesn’t think Trump will interfere with Senate races.

By Kimberly Railey

A new di­git­al ad from the lib­er­al group Bridge Pro­ject hits sev­er­al po­ten­tial Sen­ate can­did­ates for the party’s plan to re­place the health care law, in­clud­ing Reps. Luke Mess­er (R-IN 06), Todd Rokita (R-IN 04), Mike Kelly (R-PA 03), and Bar­bara Com­stock (R-VA 10). (Ax­ios)

TRUMP TALK. Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell (R-KY) “is not wor­ried about Pres­id­ent Don­ald Trump back­ing primary chal­lengers to the Ken­tucky Re­pub­lic­an’s pre­ferred can­did­ates.”

“I think it’s safe to say we will be look­ing for — in these nonin­cum­bent races — the most elect­able can­did­ate pos­sible, and I think the ad­min­is­tra­tion will de­fer to our judge­ment on Sen­ate races,” he said.

Mc­Con­nell ad­ded: “We in­tend to re­nom­in­ate all of our in­cum­bents and we in­tend to play in primar­ies if there’s a clear choice between someone who can win in Novem­ber and someone who can’t. The idea, I al­ways re­mind people, is to win the elec­tion.” (Roll Call)


Republicans Try to Recruit Gretchen Carlson

Murphy is up in 2018.

By Kimberly Railey

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson (R) “has been the fo­cus of an un­der-the-radar re­cruit­ing ef­fort by state GOP Chair­man J.R. Ro­mano” to chal­lenge Sen. Chris Murphy (D). “Carlson spokes­wo­man Jod­ie Ma­gid dis­tanced her cli­ent from the re­port, but would not out­right dis­pute it.” (Con­necti­c­ut Post)


Scott’s Political Committee Raised $600K Last Month

He’s seen as a likely Nelson challenger.

By Kimberly Railey

The polit­ic­al com­mit­tee of Gov. Rick Scott (R), a po­ten­tial chal­lenger to Sen. Bill Nel­son (D), hauled in more than $600,000 in con­tri­bu­tions in March. “The largest con­tri­bu­tion was $100,000 from U.S. Sug­ar. … Its biggest ex­pendit­ure in March was more than $976,000 to On Mes­sage of An­na­pol­is, Mary­land for ‘me­dia pro­duc­tion.’ The PAC has run TV ads in re­cent weeks to back up Scott’s de­fense of the En­ter­prise Flor­ida eco­nom­ic de­vel­op­ment or­gan­iz­a­tion and VIS­IT FLOR­IDA, the state’s tour­ism mar­ket­ing arm.” (Flor­ida Polit­ics)


SLF Ad Hits McCaskill on Gorsuch

Some Missouri GOP leaders are urging Hawley to run.

By Kimberly Railey

The Sen­ate Lead­er­ship Fund re­leased a di­git­al ad slam­ming Sen. Claire Mc­Caskill (D) as a “down-the-line lib­er­al” after she voted against Neil Gor­such’s con­firm­a­tion. The spot, the group’s first tar­get­ing Mc­Caskill, is backed by a five-fig­ure buy and will run for a week. It is aimed at voters of Pres­id­ent Trump in Mis­souri. (re­lease)

DRAFT EF­FORT. A group of Re­pub­lic­an lead­ers in Mis­souri wrote a let­ter ur­ging state At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Josh Haw­ley (R) to run for Mc­Caskill’s seat. The let­ter’s sig­nat­or­ies in­clude former state Sen. Jane Cun­ning­ham (R), former Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R), and former Sen. Jack Dan­forth (R). One ex­cerpt says, “Not­ing that you led the tick­et in the last elec­tion, we are con­vinced that you would be the strongest can­did­ate for Mis­souri’s Sen­ate seat. You have ex­cep­tion­al qual­it­ies of char­ac­ter and in­tel­lect that would bring hon­or to our state and lead­er­ship to our na­tion.” (re­lease)


Casey Announces $2.7M Haul As Third Republican Enters Race

Christiana joins Saccone and Sheck­t­or.

By Kimberly Railey

Sen. Bob Ca­sey (D) an­nounced he raised $2.7 mil­lion in the first fun­drais­ing quarter, end­ing the peri­od with nearly $3.8 mil­lion in cash on hand. (re­lease)

JUMP­ING IN. State Rep. Jim Chris­ti­ana (R), a 33-year-old from Beaver who has been in the state House since 2009, said he will run for Ca­sey’s seat, be­com­ing the third Re­pub­lic­an to enter the race. Chris­ti­ana “said in a news re­lease that he is run­ning on ‘a re­cord of en­han­cing gov­ern­ment trans­par­ency and tax­pay­er ac­count­ab­il­ity; en­sur­ing gov­ern­ment lives with­in its means; and work­ing to fix a broken edu­ca­tion sys­tem that con­tin­ues to short­change our chil­dren.’”

In an in­ter­view Sat­urday, Chris­ti­ana said, “Those is­sues have been im­port­ant to me ever since I first ran for pub­lic of­fice. For­tu­nately, over the years, I’ve been able to work with Demo­crats and Re­pub­lic­ans, and we’ve been able to de­liv­er mo­nu­ment­al solu­tions on those ini­ti­at­ives.” (Pitt­s­burgh Post-Gaz­ette)

He joins Ber­wick Coun­cil­man An­drew Sheck­t­or (R) and state Rep. Rick Sac­cone (R) in the GOP field.

TOWN HALL TIME. At a town hall Ca­sey held Sunday, “sev­er­al speak­ers ques­tioned … Ca­sey’s re­cent sup­port­ive state­ments re­gard­ing … [Pres­id­ent] Trump’s air­strikes in Syr­ia.”

“One man asked why … Ca­sey would sup­port ‘at­tack­ing a coun­try which did not at­tack the United States’ without Con­gres­sion­al au­thor­iz­a­tion. The sen­at­or re­spon­ded that Syr­i­an Pres­id­ent Bashar As­sad’s use of chem­ic­al weapons against ci­vil­ians war­ran­ted such a re­sponse.”

“However, … Ca­sey said he be­lieved the pres­id­ent must seek a new Au­thor­iz­a­tion for the Use of Mil­it­ary Force from Con­gress if he in­tends to take any fur­ther mil­it­ary ac­tion.” (Early Re­turns)


Cruz Has Nearly $5M War Chest

O’Rourke is running against him.

By Kimberly Railey

Sen. Ted Cruz (R) raised $1.738 mil­lion “in the first three months of this year across his Sen­ate reelec­tion cam­paign, his polit­ic­al ac­tion com­mit­tee and the Ted Cruz Vic­tory Com­mit­tee. He now has $5.2 mil­lion across those three com­mit­tees, and $4.8 mil­lion of that is in his Sen­ate reelect ac­count.” (Politico)

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-20) has already de­clared a chal­lenge to Cruz, while Rep. Joa­quin Castro (D-16) is weigh­ing a bid.


McConnell, Romney Spoke About Senate Bid

A new survey finds that 65% of Utahns “strongly” or “somewhat” favor a Huntsman Senate bid.

By Kimberly Railey

“Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell (R-KY) said he has talked to Mitt Rom­ney about a pos­sible run for the U.S. Sen­ate in 2018, but that he will back” Sen. Or­rin Hatch (R) if Hatch seeks reelec­tion.

“I’ve had some con­ver­sa­tions with Mitt Rom­ney,” Mc­Con­nell said Fri­day. “Ob­vi­ously, I’m an Or­rin Hatch sup­port­er. Or­rin Hatch has to de­cide what he wants to do. If he wants to run again, I’m for him.” (Wash­ing­ton Ex­am­iner)

SUR­VEY SAYS. A new poll from Dan Jones & As­so­ci­ates (March 22-29; 844 RVs; +/- 3.4%) finds that “that 65 per­cent of Utahns ‘strongly’ or ‘some­what’ fa­vor [former Gov. Jon] Hunts­man (R) run­ning for the U.S. Sen­ate in 2018. Twenty-eight per­cent say he shouldn’t run.”

“It has also been rumored that Hunts­man could run not as a Re­pub­lic­an, but as an in­de­pend­ent who would caucus with Sen­ate Re­pub­lic­ans should he win. Jones finds Utahns split on that idea, 44 per­cent said Hunts­man should run as a Re­pub­lic­an, 38 per­cent said he should run as an in­de­pend­ent, and 18 per­cent don’t know.” (Utah Policy)


Kaine Takes in $2.9M in Q1

He had $5.5M on hand at the end of March.

By Kimberly Railey

Sen. Tim Kaine (D) raised $2.9 mil­lion in the first fun­drais­ing quarter, giv­ing him $5.5 mil­lion as he heads in­to his 2018 race.

No Re­pub­lic­an has an­nounced a chal­lenge to him yet. (Wash­ing­ton Post)


TV Ads Target Seven GOP Members Over AHCA

Americans for Prosperity is on the air slamming the proposed border tax.

By Ally Mutnick

The ad­vocacy group Save My Care is launch­ing a sev­en-fig­ure TV ad blitz hit­ting sev­en vul­ner­able House Re­pub­lic­ans for their sup­port of the failed Amer­ic­an Health Care Act. Dur­ing the two-week re­cess, the ads will run in the dis­tricts of Reps. Mike Coff­man (CO-06), Car­los Cur­belo (FL-26), Dar­rell Issa (CA-49), Tom Ma­cAr­thur (NJ-03), Bri­an Mast (FL-18), Martha Mc­Sally (AZ-02), and Dav­id Valadao (CA-21). (Hot­line re­port­ing)

Also on the air: “Amer­ic­ans for Prosper­ity, the biggest group with­in the Koch broth­ers’ net­work, is up Tues­day with a new ad ur­ging mem­bers of Con­gress to op­pose the bor­der ad­just­ment tax. AFP is spend­ing six-fig­ures on the cable TV buy, which runs na­tion­wide for a week and tells con­sumers they’ll see high­er prices if the BAT comes in.” (Ax­ios)


DCCC Sends Staff West

Staffers in an Irvine office will work on races in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

By colin-diersing

The DCCC “will send staffers in charge of over­see­ing House races in Cali­for­nia, Nevada, Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton to work out of an Irvine of­fice in an ef­fort to make in­roads in Re­pub­lic­an strong­holds that have tra­di­tion­ally been sure bets for the GOP. … DCCC spokes­man Tyler Law said the com­mit­tee hasn’t had a full-time seni­or staffer sta­tioned out west since the 2000 elec­tion cycle.”


L.A. Councilman Backs Gomez

Jose Huizar represents 40 percent of the district.

By Ally Mutnick

Los Angeles City Coun­cil­man Jose Huiz­ar (D) backed state As­sembly­man Jimmy Gomez (D) in the race to re­place former Rep. Xavi­er Be­cerra (D), the new state at­tor­ney gen­er­al.

Prais­ing his work to se­cure “re­sources to clean our air and wa­ter, open new parks, and ful­fill our trans­it needs,” Huiz­ar said he “en­thu­si­ast­ic­ally” sup­ports Gomez. The coun­cil­man, who rep­res­ents 40 per­cent of the dis­trict, did not en­dorse in the primary. His former aide, Sara Hernan­dez (D), was also seek­ing a spot in the run­off. (Los Angeles Times)

Gomez will face former L.A. city plan­ning com­mis­sion­er Robert Lee Ahn (D) on June 6.


Issa Under Fire From Pro-Digital Privacy Groups

He’s long advocated for protecting online privacy.

By Kimberly Railey

“The founder of a suc­cess­ful elec­tron­ics com­pany and a proud gad­gets geek, Rep. Dar­rell Issa (R) built a repu­ta­tion as not only one of the few Re­pub­lic­ans with a keen in­terest in pro­tect­ing on­line pri­vacy, but a go-to mem­ber of Con­gress when it came to the top­ic. … But Issa and oth­er Re­pub­lic­ans are un­der fire from pro-di­git­al pri­vacy or­gan­iz­a­tions after they voted for a bill that lets in­ter­net ser­vice pro­viders con­tin­ue to sell or give away their cus­tom­ers’ browser his­tory, in­clud­ing med­ic­al, shop­ping, and bank­ing in­form­a­tion searches, as well as mo­bile app us­age and geo­loca­tion in­form­a­tion. Some of those groups had long lauded Issa for his stands.” (San Diego Uni­on-Tribune)


State Rep Announces Bid for Perlmutter Seat

The congressman is running for governor.

By Ally Mutnick

State Rep. Brit­tany Pet­tersen (D) an­nounced Sunday she is run­ning for Rep. Ed Per­lmut­ter’s (D) seat. In a re­lease she vowed to “stand up to Don­ald Trump and fight for” health­care ac­cess, good school and against cuts to So­cial Se­cur­ity. (re­lease)

Per­lmut­ter an­nounced last week­end he is run­ning for gov­ernor in 2018. State Sen. Andy Kerr (D) will also seek his seat.

“Per­lmut­ter’s de­cision not to seek a sixth term in the House will leave open a sol­id Demo­crat­ic seat, but one that Re­pub­lic­ans are more op­tim­ist­ic about win­ning without the in­cum­bent run­ning — if they can field a com­pet­it­ive can­did­ate. … Na­tion­al Re­pub­lic­ans are most ex­cited about Jef­fer­son County Com­mis­sion­er Libby Sz­abo, a former as­sist­ant minor­ity lead­er in the state House. She could ap­peal to the dis­trict’s His­pan­ic pop­u­la­tion. … Oth­er Re­pub­lic­ans look­ing at the race in­clude state Rep. Lang Si­as, who suc­ceeded Sz­abo in the state House. Former Au­rora city Coun­cil­man Ry­an Fra­zi­er may also run again.” (Roll Call)


Ros-Lehtinen: Bannon Should Be Fired

She is an outspoken critic of Trump’s adviser.

By Ally Mutnick

Ileana Ros-Le­htin­en (R) “said Fri­day that em­battled pres­id­en­tial ad­viser Steve Ban­non should be com­pletely ous­ted from the White House be­cause he has un-Amer­ic­an views. … Ros-Le­htin­en sits in a Miami con­gres­sion­al dis­trict that Pres­id­ent Trump lost. Her son, Rodrigo Le­htin­en, is trans­gender.” (Politico)


Betty Price Stars in CLF Ad

Several candidates and outside groups released new ads for the closing week of the race.

By colin-diersing

“State Rep. Betty Price (R) took to the air­waves on Monday to urge con­ser­vat­ive voters to de­fend her hus­band’s U.S. House seat, as antsy Re­pub­lic­ans aim to pre­vent a sur­ging Demo­crat from notch­ing an up­set vic­tory.” The ra­dio spots, air­ing through the April 18 primary, “are the latest salvo from the Con­gres­sion­al Lead­er­ship Fund,” which “has spent $2.2 mil­lion on ads.” (At­lanta Journ­al-Con­sti­tu­tion)

Mo­ve­ “is ramp­ing up its activ­ity in the Geor­gia spe­cial elec­tion, launch­ing a six-fig­ure TV and di­git­al ad buy back­ing” former con­gres­sion­al staffer Jon Os­soff (D). The group is also mo­bil­iz­ing 15,000 of its mem­bers in the dis­trict to vo­lun­teer and vote.” The TV and di­git­al ads tout Os­soff’s op­pos­i­tion to the GOP’s health care plan. (Politico)

Former Geor­gia Sec­ret­ary of State Kar­en Han­del (R) and former state Sen. Dan Moody (R) re­leased new ads late last week. In Han­del’s TV ad, she ac­cused her op­pon­ents of play­ing games while her hus­band mocks her rivals’ spots by pre­tend­ing to drain a swamp. In his 30-second spot, Moody links him­self to Don­ald Trump, high­light­ing his sup­port for term lim­its and lower taxes.

Ends Cit­izens United is also on the air with a new ad high­light­ing Os­soff’s “re­cord fight­ing cor­rup­tion and ad­voc­at­ing for broad-ran­ging cam­paign fin­ance re­form.” (re­lease)

BIG­GER PIC­TURE. “Even as they try to win over the sort of con­ser­vat­ive act­iv­ists ded­ic­ated enough to par­ti­cip­ate in a rare April elec­tion, the Re­pub­lic­ans are cast­ing them­selves more as can-do prag­mat­ists in the spir­it of Mr. Trump than un­waver­ing ideo­logues. At the for­um and in in­di­vidu­al in­ter­views af­ter­ward, three of the Re­pub­lic­ans in the 18-per­son field in­voked some vari­ation of Ron­ald Re­agan’s max­im that it is bet­ter to get 80 per­cent of what you want than noth­ing at all. Few em­braced the Tea Party monik­er. And none of the highest-polling can­did­ates pledged to join the Free­dom Caucus. … To Re­pub­lic­an vet­er­ans, the turn to­ward half-a-loaf polit­ics on the right does not rep­res­ent any sort of great awaken­ing, just act­iv­ists align­ing them­selves with the pref­er­ences of a new pres­id­ent.” (New York Times)

GET­TING IT RIGHT. “A loc­al Geor­gia ra­dio sta­tion has ed­ited out a false claim made in an NRA at­tack ad” about the loc­a­tion in which former con­gres­sion­al staffer Jon Os­soff grew up. “CNN’s KFile flagged the NRA Polit­ic­al Vic­tory fund ad on Thursday for in­cor­rectly stat­ing that Os­soff ‘grew up in Wash­ing­ton, DC.’ Os­soff grew up in Geor­gia’s 6th con­gres­sion­al dis­trict, where he is run­ning to fill the seat va­cated by” former Rep. Tom Price (R). (CNN)

IOWA 01 (R -- BLUM)

State Rep Plans Blum Challenge

She filed paperwork but won’t make a formal announcement for a while.

By Ally Mutnick

State Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D) “filed pa­per­work Fri­day to” chal­lenge Rep. Rod Blum in 2018. She said she’s “still for­mu­lat­ing plans and will not make a form­al an­nounce­ment un­til after the le­gis­lat­ive ses­sion ends this spring.” (Des Moines Re­gister)


GOP Leaders Boost Estes Ahead of Special Election Tuesday

The Democratic candidate has asked a TV station to pull an NRCC ad.

By Ally Mutnick

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will join state Treas­urer Ron Estes (R) “at an air­port rally Monday in Wichita, a day be­fore voters in south­ern Kan­sas head to the polls to pick a new con­gress­man. Vice Pres­id­ent Mike Pence is also sched­uled to re­cord a rob­ocall on Estes’ be­half, ac­cord­ing to a state party of­fi­cial.”

House Speak­er Paul Ry­an “sent out a ‘per­son­al re­quest’ on Estes’ be­half to GOP donors. Sent last week, Ry­an warned “that Estes’ op­pon­ent would ‘be well-fun­ded by lib­er­al spe­cial-in­terest groups in Wash­ing­ton and their vast re­sources.’ Estes has ac­tu­ally held a fun­drais­ing ad­vant­age over Thompson for most of the race.”

“The news … comes after a flurry of late cam­paign spend­ing by the Na­tion­al Re­pub­lic­an Con­gres­sion­al Com­mit­tee, which steered roughly $92,000 this week to­ward tele­vi­sion and on­line ad­vert­ising for the fi­nal days of the cam­paign. On Fri­day, the cam­paign” of civil rights at­tor­ney James Thompson (D) “asked KW­CH in Wichita to pull one of” the NR­CC’s ads, “which at­tacks Thompson on the is­sue of abor­tion. The ad says Thompson sup­ports us­ing tax dol­lars to pay for late-term abor­tions and sup­ports sex-se­lect­ive abor­tions.” Thompson’s cam­paign “called the ad ‘out­right false.’” (Kan­sas City Star)

GET­TING STAR­TED. “A county com­mis­sion­er re­por­ted that 13,500 early vote bal­lots have been cast. Of those, 5,057 voters were Demo­crat, 6,518 were Re­pub­lic­an, 1,879 were un­af­fili­ated and 63 were Liber­tari­an.” (KW­CH)

That’s high­er Demo­crat­ic turnout than pre­vi­ous elec­tions. “Thompson’s cam­paign said it raised a sub­stan­tial por­tion of its last-minute fun­drais­ing ― about $85,000 ― via its web­site over the week­end. Daily Kos ap­peals ac­coun­ted for about $143,000 of the total raised, while Demo­cracy for Amer­ica ap­peals brought in $12,000. Our Re­volu­tion, the pro­gress­ive group aligned with” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), “helped con­trib­ute $900.” (Huff­ing­ton Post)

Thompson and Estes are run­ning for the seat formerly held by Rep. Mike Pom­peo (R), Trump’s CIA dir­ect­or.


Attorney to Challenge Bishop

Domanik plans to emphasize environmental issues.

By Kimberly Railey

At­tor­ney Dar­lene Domanik (D) said she will run for Rep. Mike Bish­op’s (R) seat.

“Domanik says she be­lieves Bish­op can be un­seated in the nor­mally con­ser­vat­ive-vot­ing 8th Dis­trict be­cause he has lost touch with av­er­age res­id­ents and is, in her opin­ion, aligned with cor­por­ate in­terests that don’t rep­res­ent the middle class. … Domanik says her top is­sue will be the en­vir­on­ment.” (WHMI)


Angie Craig Considering Lewis Rematch

Reps. Lewis and Nolan carpooled back home together after their flights were cancelled.

By colin-diersing

Health care ex­ec­ut­ive Angie Craig, “who nar­rowly lost to” Rep. Jason Lewis (R) “in Novem­ber said last week that she is ‘strongly con­sid­er­ing’ a re­match next year.”

Lewis “is carving out his own iden­tity. He de­clined to join the con­ser­vat­ive House Free­dom Caucus and high­lighted the bi­par­tis­an nature of his ju­ven­ile justice ini­ti­at­ive. He spoke out in fa­vor of al­low­ing states to set their own marijuana laws, as the Justice De­part­ment un­der Pres­id­ent Trump con­siders stricter fed­er­al over­sight. And in re­sponse to Trump’s de­cision to launch mis­siles in­to Syr­ia last week, Lewis pub­licly cau­tioned that ‘any es­cal­a­tion of mil­it­ary ac­tion must get ap­prov­al from Con­gress.’” (Min­neapol­is Star Tribune)

ROAD TRIP. Rep. Rick No­lan (D) and Lewis car­pooled back home on Fri­day after their flights were can­celled.

No­lan: “We’ve been threat­en­ing to get to­geth­er for a cup of cof­fee, but I haven’t got­ten around to it… I found Jason to be just won­der­fully de­light­ful, a good heart and soul, and tried get­ting to know him.” (Twin Cit­ies Pi­on­eer Press)


GOP State Rep Announces Peterson Challenge

The district backed Trump by 30 points.

By Ally Mutnick

State Rep. Tim Miller (R) an­nounced Fri­day he will chal­lenge Rep. Col­lin Peterson (D) in 2018. “Miller, 51, said his ex­per­i­ence run­ning for the state House shows he can beat a Demo­crat. He won in 2014, after fail­ing in 2012, in a dis­trict that had be­longed to Demo­crats for three dec­ades.” A spokes­wo­man for Peterson said the con­gress­man will “make his de­cision about run­ning again early next year.” (Twin Cit­ies Pi­on­eer Press)

Pres­id­ent Trump won Peterson’s West­ern Min­nesota dis­trict by 30 points last year, boost­ing an un­known and un­der­fun­ded chal­lenger to with­in 5 points of un­seat­ing the in­cum­bent.


Bullock Uses Veto to Add Mail-Ballot Option

A judge declined to force the state to add three third-party candidates to the ballot.

By Ally Mutnick

Gov. Steve Bul­lock (D) “used his veto power Fri­day to re­sur­rect the pos­sib­il­ity of al­low­ing counties to hold an all-mail bal­lot for Montana’s May 25 spe­cial con­gres­sion­al elec­tion. Last week, House Re­pub­lic­ans in the Le­gis­lature killed a meas­ure, Sen­ate Bill 305, that would have al­lowed the mail-bal­lot op­tion.

“The meas­ure now re­turns to the House and Sen­ate for an up-or-down vote on wheth­er to ac­cept his changes.” But a “key dif­fer­ence in the polit­ic­al dy­nam­ic is that Bul­lock’s change, and the bill, can be ap­proved by a simple ma­jor­ity of both the House and Sen­ate.” (MTN News)

BAL­LOT BUSI­NESS. “The U.S. Dis­trict Court in Great Falls de­clined to or­der the names of the minor party can­did­ates who sued to be ad­ded to the bal­lot for the Montana spe­cial con­gres­sion­al elec­tion” to re­place former Rep. Ry­an Zinke (R), the new In­teri­or sec­ret­ary. “The com­plaint was filed by Mis­soula’s Thomas Breck, a mem­ber of the Green Party, and Boze­man’s Steve Kelly, an In­de­pend­ent.” (KTVQ)

SHOW OF SUP­PORT. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “has offered to travel to Montana to help boost” mu­si­cian Rob Quist. “My im­pres­sion is [Quist]’s a very strong can­did­ate who stands up for work­ing people, un­der­stands that we need a gov­ern­ment that rep­res­ents all of us and not the one per­cent. So if we can be of help to Quist, happy to do that as well,” he said. (Huff­ing­ton Post)


NRCC Targets Gottheimer With Mobile Billboard

The DCCC has launched robocalls hitting Republican members of the delegation.

By Ally Mutnick

The Na­tion­al Re­pub­lic­an Con­gres­sion­al Com­mit­tee “paid to have a truck-moun­ted bill­board drive around” Rep. Josh Got­theimer’s (D-05) “dis­trict in Ber­gen County. The bill­board urged people to call Got­theimer and tell him to op­pose Obama­care” and “gov­ern­ment-run health care.”

“The mo­bile ad’s ap­pear­ance more than a year and a half be­fore the next elec­tion shows how much in­terest the NR­CC has in Got­theimer’s seat. The Demo­crat­ic Con­gres­sion­al Cam­paign Com­mit­tee … is also mak­ing an early start, at­tack­ing some New Jer­sey Re­pub­lic­an in­cum­bents, us­ing auto­mated phone calls aimed at” Reps. Rod­ney Frel­inghuysen (R-11), Le­onard Lance (R-07), Frank Lo­Bi­ondo (R-02), and Tom Ma­cAr­thur (R-03). (Ber­gen Re­cord)


Third Democrat Launches Wittman Challenge

Trump won the district by 13 points in 2016.

By Ally Mutnick

Prince Wil­li­am County School Board Chair­man Ry­an Saw­yers (D) un­veiled a bid to un­seat Rep. Rob Wittman (R).

“So far, Ed­win Santana of Stafford County and Vangie Wil­li­ams of King George County have also entered the race to rep­res­ent Wittman’s sprawl­ing dis­trict, which stretches from Prince Wil­li­am down Vir­gin­ia’s east­ern shore to the Hamp­ton Roads area. … Saw­yers faces quite the up­hill battle against Wittman — the in­cum­bent has nev­er re­ceived less than 56 per­cent of the vote since he first won a spe­cial elec­tion in 2007.” (Daily Kos)

Trump won the dis­trict by 13 points last year.


Bentley Could Resign by Wednesday

Impeachment hearings begin today.

By Zach C. Cohen

“It Is be­com­ing clear that Robert Bent­ley (R) will not last the week as gov­ernor. Sources in Mont­gomery say his law­yers have been in­volved in ne­go­ti­ations to step down from the gov­ernor­ship and plead to less­er charges, al­low­ing Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey to step up as gov­ernor.

“Sources be­lieve he will resign the gov­ernor­ship by Wed­nes­day.

“Bent­ley has been un­der fire for the bet­ter part of the year but pres­sure over the last sev­er­al days has moun­ted to un­ten­able heights. The Alabama Eth­ics Com­mis­sion last week found reas­on to be­lieve he com­mit­ted four crimes, all of them felon­ies. If he agrees to a deal it is thought he will have to plead to at least a mis­de­mean­or. Lead­ers of his party, along with the Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er and the Speak­er of the House, have de­man­ded he resign.” (

“The lead­er­ship of Alabama’s Re­pub­lic­an Party” called for “the im­me­di­ate resig­na­tion of” Bent­ley in “a res­ol­u­tion passed Sunday.”

“The res­ol­u­tion comes after a damning House re­port re­leased Fri­day al­leging the gov­ernor mis­used state re­sources to cov­er up his af­fair with former ad­viser Re­bekah Cald­well Ma­son.

“The House is set to be­gin im­peach­ment pro­ceed­ings against the two-term Re­pub­lic­an gov­ernor to­mor­row.” (

“If the House votes to im­peach Bent­ley, he will auto­mat­ic­ally be re­moved from his du­ties and can only be re­turned to of­fice if ac­quit­ted in a tri­al-like pro­ceed­ing be­fore the Alabama Sen­ate.” (AP)


GOP State Senator Not Ruling Out Walker Challenge

Mike Dunleavy left the GOP caucus to vote against the budget.

By Zach C. Cohen

State Sen. Mike Dun­leavy (R) “an­nounced he’s leav­ing the Sen­ate ma­jor­ity, be­fore the Sen­ate passed its budget on Thursday. … He said he felt con­strained in the ma­jor­ity, which re­quires mem­bers to sup­port the budget. … Dun­leavy said the Sen­ate should have cut the budget deep­er, and should not re­duce Alaskans’ Per­man­ent Fund di­vidends.”

“He denied that leav­ing the caucus lays the ground­work for him run­ning for gov­ernor next year.”

Dun­leavy: “There’s been people talk­ing about, be­cause the elec­tion’s com­ing up, who is go­ing to run for gov­ernor. … People have asked me if I’m go­ing to run. I’ve not com­mit­ted to run for gov­ernor. I’m not go­ing to dis­miss it, but that’s not what this is.” (KTOO)


Garcia Planning 2018 Run

The 2014 Democratic candidate for superintendent was animated by the expansion of school vouchers.

By Zach C. Cohen

2014 schools su­per­in­tend­ent can­did­ate Dav­id Gar­cia (D) “is ex­pec­ted to an­nounce next week that he’s run­ning for gov­ernor in 2018, ac­cord­ing to people fa­mil­i­ar with his plans.”

“Thursday’s pas­sage of a sweep­ing ex­pan­sion of Ari­zona’s school-vouch­er pro­gram ap­peared to give Gar­cia the is­sue he needed to pro­pel a cam­paign for gov­ernor.” (KPNX)

Mar­ket­ing ex­ec­ut­ive Noah Dyer (D) is already run­ning. State Sen. Steve Far­ley (D) is ex­pec­ted to run as well.

Cor­rec­tion: This post has been up­dated to re­flect the size of the cur­rent primary field.


Villaraigosa Internal Puts Him Nominally Behind Newsom, Cox

Airbnb is fueling Newsom’s fundraising.

By Zach C. Cohen

Former Los Angeles May­or Ant­o­nio Vil­larai­gosa’s (D) “cam­paign last week re­leased an in­tern­al poll by The Feld­man Group, Inc., that puts Vil­larai­gosa’s sup­port at 20 per­cent — be­hind both” Lt. Gov. Gav­in New­s­om (D) at 26% and busi­ness­man John Cox (R) at 22%. “That’s a tight­er mar­gin than in pub­lic polls.” (Politico)

HE’S GOT PLACES TO STAY ON THE TRAIL. “Airb­nb em­ploy­ees have giv­en $225,850 to” New­s­om. “Mean­while, po­ten­tial op­pon­ents, … Vil­larai­gosa and Cali­for­nia Treas­urer John Chi­ang (D), re­por­ted their largest con­tri­bu­tions from any one source have barely topped $100,000. … New­s­om has emerged as a ma­jor polit­ic­al boost­er of the gig eco­nomy, which also in­cludes ser­vices Uber and Ly­ft, both based in San Fran­cisco.” (San Fran­cisco Chron­icle)


Perlmutter Promises Trump Opposition in Campaign Kickoff

Cary Kennedy will launch her campaign via Facebook this morning.

By Zach C. Cohen

Rep. Ed Per­lmut­ter (D) “of­fi­cially an­nounced his run for gov­ernor to a crowd of sev­er­al hun­dred people on Sunday, telling them he will work with res­id­ents across the state and fight rad­ic­al changes that don’t re­flect res­id­ents’ pri­or­it­ies and val­ues.”

Per­lmut­ter: “[W]e’ve be­gun to see part of Col­or­ado’s way of life and eco­nomy threatened by the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion when it comes to the en­vir­on­ment, pub­lic lands, im­mig­ra­tion, health care and our na­tion­al labs. … Some of the most im­port­ant is­sues of our time are dead­locked in D.C. right now. That’s why con­tinu­ing strong lead­er­ship at the state level is more im­port­ant than ever.”

“He re­minded at­tendees that he worked to stop Nike from de­vel­op­ing a huge com­plex on South Table Moun­tain and helped to re­place three mem­bers of a Jef­fer­son County school board who drew fire for tak­ing right-lean­ing stances on charter schools and the dis­trict’s budget. He also high­lighted the part he took in lead­ing one of the biggest school con­struc­tion ini­ti­at­ives in state his­tory dur­ing the 2004 Jef­fer­son County bond elec­tion, and the work he did to se­cure fund­ing for the Na­tion­al Re­new­able En­ergy Lab in Golden.” (Den­ver Post)

TUNE IN. Former state Treas­urer Cary Kennedy (D) will an­nounce her can­did­acy for gov­ernor live on Face­book at 11:30 a.m. (re­lease)


Mayor Convicted of Corruption Moving Toward Statewide Run

Republican Tim Herbst was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

By Zach C. Cohen

Bridge­port May­or Joe Gan­im (D) “took a tent­at­ive step Fri­day to­ward a pos­sible cam­paign for gov­ernor in 2018, ask­ing the State Elec­tions En­force­ment Com­mis­sion to clear him for the state’s pub­lic fin­an­cing pro­gram, des­pite his cor­rup­tion con­vic­tion.” (Con­necti­c­ut Mir­ror)

“In an already crowded field, Gan­im has been said to be eye­ing an un­der tick­et spot in 2018, such as lieu­ten­ant gov­ernor.” (Con­necti­c­ut Post)

BEST WISHES. Trum­bu­ll First Se­lect­man Tim Herbst (R) “an­nounced Fri­day that he is fa­cing thyroid can­cer, but says he will be fine.” (Hart­ford Cour­ant)


Poll Shows Kennedy Leading Pritzker 40-10%

Rahm Emanuel is not endorsing in the Democratic primary.

By Zach C. Cohen

A “poll con­duc­ted … by the Demo­crat­ic Gov­ernors As­so­ci­ation” (March 6-9; 600 LVs; +/-4%) showed busi­ness­man Chris Kennedy (D) at 40%. Bil­lion­aire J.B. Pritzker (D) and Chica­go Ald. Ameya Pawar (D) fol­lowed at 10% each. Madis­on County Schools Su­per­in­tend­ent Bob Daiber (D) had 5%. The DGA denies it con­duc­ted the poll. (Chica­go Sun-Times)

OH COME ON, EMANUEL. Chica­go May­or Rahm Emanuel (D) “de­clined to en­dorse a can­did­ate in the Demo­crat­ic race for gov­ernor Fri­day.”

Emanuel: “I’m not pick­ing in that area. The good news is, we have good can­did­ates run­ning. Not just those two, but you have good can­did­ates at every level.” (Chica­go Tribune)

PRITZKER PICK-UPS. “A num­ber of Afric­an-Amer­ic­an and Latino al­der­men and oth­er present and former of­fi­cials turned out for J.B. Pritzker’s (D) cam­paign kick­off. “They say the [D]emo­crat­ic bil­lion­aire is also close to every­day people. Among Al­der­men at Grand Cross­ing Park to cheer J.B. Pritzker’s an­nounce­ment were Pat Dow­ell, Michelle Har­ris, George Carde­n­as and Wal­ter Bur­nett who said he’s known Pritzker for 30 years.” (WBBM)

“A lot of the tech com­munity has been as giddy about Pritzker’s can­did­acy. … Pritzker has won a lot of friends and ad­mirers, and a few rivals, among tech en­tre­pren­eurs over the past 20 years.” (Crain’s Chica­go Busi­ness)

RICH MAN AT­TACKS RICH MAN’S WEALTH. “At what point does someone be­come too rich to be trus­ted to serve as gov­ernor of Illinois? For … Kennedy, it’s some­where between his mil­lions and … Pritzker’s bil­lions. One day after wel­com­ing Pritzker in­to the gov­ernor’s race with ob­lique warn­ings about ‘the dis­astrous con­sequences of people try­ing to buy elec­tions,’ Kennedy drew the tar­get dir­ectly at Pritzker and his su­per­i­or wealth.”

Kennedy: “Do I think that J.B. Pritzker is go­ing to act like a tyr­ant like Bruce Rau­ner has? I don’t know that. But why take the risk? … He doesn’t need your money. He doesn’t need your ad­vice. He doesn’t need your help. He doesn’t need to listen.” (Chica­go Sun-Times)


McGuire Launches 2018 Bid in Online Video

The former state Democratic Party chair also released a list of endorsements.

By Zach C. Cohen

Former state Demo­crat­ic Party Chair Andy McGuire (D) an­nounced Monday she will run for gov­ernor in 2018.

McGuire: “For too long, those in power seem to only get things done for the spe­cial in­terests – be­hind closed doors. It’s a broken polit­ic­al sys­tem that works for them – not us. And it’s leav­ing hard-work­ing Iow­ans be­hind.”

McGuire also an­nounced en­dorse­ments from Former Rep. Le­onard Boswell (D-03), former state At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Bon­nie Camp­bell (D), former U.S. At­tor­ney Rox­anne Con­lin, former state Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Lead­er Mike Gron­stal (D), 2016 IA-01 can­did­ate Gary Kroeger (D), former state Reps. Linda Nel­son (D) and Phyl­lis Thede (D), Stu­dent Lead­er­ship Coun­cil for Iowa Safe Schools Pres­id­ent Ry­an McDaniel (D), The Black Caucus of the Iowa Demo­crat­ic Party Chair Jam­ie Woods, and former Lt. Gov. Jo Ann Zi­m­mer­man (D). (re­lease)

McGuire’s cam­paign man­ager Eth­an Susseles, who man­aged cam­paigns for WI-08 nom­in­ee Nel­son (D) and MD-08 can­did­ate Kath­leen Mat­thews (D) last year. (Hot­line re­port­ing)


Guadagno Allies Challenge Ciattarelli’s Petition Signatures

The Republican lieutenant governor hopes to knock her closest GOP competitor off the ballot.

By Zach C. Cohen

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) “is chal­len­ging pe­ti­tion sig­na­tures sub­mit­ted by” As­sembly­man Jack Ci­at­tarelli (R). “Guadagno and her al­lies are claim­ing cer­tain … ir­reg­u­lar­it­ies in the sig­na­tures.” (In­siderNJ)

“If the at­tempt is suc­cess­ful, Ci­at­tarelli would be off the bal­lot. But that seems un­likely. Guadagno is chal­len­ging 723 of his sig­na­tures, in­clud­ing Ci­at­tarelli’s own sig­na­ture, ac­cord­ing to his cam­paign. Guadagno would have to in­val­id­ate 675 of those sig­na­tures to win her chal­lenge. (Ci­at­tarelli ap­par­ently filed a re­tali­at­ory chal­lenge, but Guadagno has more than 4,000 sig­na­tures so I don’t think she needs to worry).” (Politico)


Lamb Files To Run for Governor

The GOP lieutenant governor said he is “strongly considering” running in 2018.

By Zach C. Cohen

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb (R) “has filed pa­per­work in­dic­at­ing his plan to run for gov­ernor in 2018. … Lamb filed a state­ment of or­gan­iz­a­tion on Fri­day with the Ok­lahoma Eth­ics Com­mis­sion and is­sued a state­ment in which he said he was ‘strongly con­sid­er­ing’ run­ning in 2018.” (AP)


DGA Buy Reaches Six Figures

Tom Perez stumped for Raimondo, who has fundraised in California.

By Zach C. Cohen

The DGA-backed non­profit Amer­ica Works USA has spent $175,000 since March 23 on a TV and di­git­al buy pro­mot­ing Gov. Gina Rai­mondo (D). “On March 22, … Amer­ica Works USA re­gistered a lob­by­ist — Corey Platt — in Rhode Is­land.“

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Thursday “whooshed in from Wash­ing­ton, D.C., to Rhode Is­land Col­lege to talk up Rai­mondo’s free-tu­ition pro­pos­al and how it fits in­to the big­ger pic­ture.”

She has also “been out and about from here to Cali­for­nia rais­ing money, though she re­mains un­will­ing to dis­close de­tails, such as the names of those host­ing events for her.”

Rai­mondo: “When I took of­fice, we had the highest un­em­ploy­ment rate in Amer­ica. We are now lower than the na­tion­al av­er­age and things are go­ing well, but every per­son in polit­ics today who is on the bal­lot is vul­ner­able, so if I run … when I run for reelec­tion, we’re go­ing to run a big, ag­gress­ive cam­paign and get the mes­sage out.” (Provid­ence Journ­al)


Green Nominated to Be Secretary of the Army

The GOP state senator had been running for governor.

By Zach C. Cohen

Pres­id­ent Trump nom­in­ated state Sen. Mark Green (R) to be his sec­ret­ary of the Army on Fri­day. (re­lease)

Green’s con­firm­a­tion by the Sen­ate would halt his cam­paign for gov­ernor in 2018.


Northam Nabs $1.5M in Q1

Northam and Perriello will debate five times before the June primary.

By Zach C. Cohen

Lt. Gov. Ral­ph Northam’s (D) cam­paign an­nounced Monday that he “raised nearly $1.5 mil­lion in 46 days” between his cam­paign and his Stronger To­geth­er PAC. “Northam has over $3.32 mil­lion cash on hand as of the March 31st re­port­ing dead­line.”

The cam­paign said it “re­ceived more than 44,972 con­tri­bu­tions, and 12,119 in the first quarter alone, with 92% of all con­tri­bu­tions be­ing $100 or less. 85.5% of the total amount raised came from Vir­gini­ans.” (re­lease)

SHOW­TIME. Northam and former Rep. Tom Per­ri­ello (D) an­nounced Fri­day they will ap­pear at five de­bates to­geth­er between April 29 and May 22. They’ll also ap­pear at three joint fora between April 22 and May 13. The primary is in June. (re­lease)

STATUS CHECK. “Clearly, the Per­ri­ello cam­paign is win­ning the so­cial me­dia war over the Northam cam­paign, while Northam’s win­ning the straw poll battle de­cis­ively over Per­ri­ello.” (Blue Vir­gin­ia)

Northam re­leased a video en­dorse­ment fea­tur­ing an en­dorse­ment from Leslie Cramer, a Wo­men’s March or­gan­izer. (re­lease)

“On Sat­urday Re­pub­lic­ans held straw polls in three Vir­gin­ia counties,” Loud­on, Bland, and Giles Counties. Former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie (R) “was over­whelm­ingly the win­ner in all three.” (Bull Ele­phant)

AT A CROSS­ROADS. “Gillespie dis­closed more names of his 2016 con­sult­ing cli­ents on Fri­day. They in­clude the In­sti­tute for En­ergy Re­search, a think tank that has giv­en Pres­id­ent Don­ald Trump ad­vice on en­ergy, … com­mu­nic­a­tion com­pany Brun­swick Group, and pub­lic af­fairs and com­mu­nic­a­tion com­pany DCI Group.” (Rich­mond Times-Dis­patch)

“Slowly and quietly, Gillespie has shed his high-powered con­nec­tions to the group that he helped found, Amer­ic­an Cross­roads, ig­nor­ing some of its elite donors and for­ging a new polit­ic­al iden­tity as he stares down a Re­pub­lic­an chal­lenge eager to high­light Gillespie’s role un­leash­ing the mod­ern cam­paign-fin­ance sys­tem that Trump says he de­plores. … It’s led to an un­usu­al dy­nam­ic: A su­per PAC founder run­ning in one of this year’s mar­quee races who is largely not tak­ing ad­vant­age of the big-money sys­tem that he helped pi­on­eer. …

“[A] sur­vey of a dozen re­cent Cross­roads donors this week re­vealed nu­mer­ous ma­jor givers who say they have sur­pris­ingly not heard from Gillespie, even though some would gladly cut him a check should he call. … Donors to Cross­roads — such as Home De­pot founder Bernie Mar­cus or new Trump Cab­in­et mem­bers Linda McMa­hon and Betsy De­Vos — are re­spons­ible for just over $350,000 to Gillespie’s gubernat­ori­al polit­ic­al op­er­a­tion, $100,000 of which came solely from the De­Vos fam­ily. One long­time Cross­roads donor, St. Louis bil­lion­aire Rex Sinque­feld, met with Gillespie twice since he an­nounced his run for gov­ernor. … But Gillespie failed to draw a check out of him.” (CNN)

SET THE RE­CORD STRAIGHT. “Per­ri­ello … is profit­ing off a pipeline pro­ject that he op­poses. … Per­ri­ello … filed a re­quired state and loc­al state­ment of eco­nom­ic in­terests eth­ics dis­clos­ure on March 29 that shows he owns stock val­ued between $5,001 and $50,000 in the Fluor Cor­por­a­tion.” (Wash­ing­ton Free Beacon)

Quote of the Day

" Are we just going to sit here and pee on each others’ shoes for the rest of our adult lives? " Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), on what motivated him to try to save the filibuster, Politico, 4/8.


Seeing Double

Sens. Bob Ca­sey (D-PA) and Bill Nel­son (D-FL), who face reelec­tions next year in states with sim­il­arly nar­row vic­tor­ies by Pres­id­ent Trump, had al­most the same amount of money in their war chests at the end of the March. Ca­sey’s had nearly $3.8 mil­lion, while Nel­son touted $3.6 mil­lion in the bank.