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Does the Pope Hate Republicans? And How to Win Political Debates at Thanksgiving... Does the Pope Hate Republicans? And How to Win Political Debates ... Does the Pope Hate Republicans? And How to Win Political Debates at Th... Does the Pope Hate Republ...

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The Edge

Does the Pope Hate Republicans? And How to Win Political Debates at Thanksgiving —THE EDGE

November 26, 2013

By Dustin Volz (@dnvolz) and Laura Ryan (@NJljryan)

TODAY IN ONE PARAGRAPH: The Supreme Court agreed to make us all wait several months again to learn the future of Obamacare. We'll likely find out sometime in June whether the law's contraception mandate is nixed and, possibly, whether employers are free to exercise religion, vis-a-vis the Citizens United ruling that granted legal personhood status to corporations for political speech. Two Air Force bombers flew into territory China recently claimed, and the pope indicated he isn't a fan of the GOP's prevailing economic theory (or, we assume, Black Friday, which we learned is a big scam anyway). Al Gore has gone vegan, but he'll probably still have trouble avoiding a political scream fest during Thanksgiving dinner just like the rest of us.


OBAMACARE TO GET ITS DAY IN COURT (AGAIN): SCOTUS agreed today to hear challenges to the law's contraception mandate that requires employers to include contraception in insurance policies, free of co-pays or deductibles. The Court's decision will likely land sometime in June, months before the all-important 2014 midterm elections. Because two lower-court cases were accepted for review, the high court's ruling could be very broad and determine not just the mandate issue but whether corporations are able to exercise religion. (Sam Baker, NJ)


WHAT DOESN'T KILL OBAMACARE MIGHT MAKE IT STRONGER. BUT THAT WON'T RESCUE OBAMA: Regardless of how quickly officials fix the federal exchange website, scores of Americans are convinced the president isn't the right person for the job. That sentiment, which Dems fear could also cost them the Senate, might be permanent. (James Oliphant, NJ)

POPE BLASTS CONSUMERISM, "TRICKLE-DOWN" ECONOMICS: Pope Francis's strongly worded papal statement today condemned growing income inequality around the world (not new), but doubled down against "trickle-down theories" as an opinion that "has never been confirmed by facts" (very new). (Goldfarb/Boorstein, WaPo)

AIR FORCE B-52s FLY INTO NEW CHINESE DEFENSE ZONE: Two bombers flew through disputed airspace that China claimed over the weekend on what the Pentagon is calling a routine training mission. (Thom Shanker, NYT)

TOMORROW IN ONE PARAGRAPH: Obama will pardon a turkey--either Popcorn or Caramel, you decide--at the Annual Turkey Pardoning Ceremony beginning at 1:15 p.m. The first family will partake in a service event. A projected 38.9 million Americans will brave the elements to travel home for Thanksgiving. (Good luck, everyone!) The House and Senate are out of session.


HOW TO TALK POLITICS AT THANKSGIVING: It's always ugly, but here are 10 rules for making family feuding over second helpings of stuffing slightly less awful. (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

RETAILERS' SLEIGHT OF HAND: Retailers mark up prices before the holidays to trick you into thinking that you are saving more than you actually are. Those tricky retailers. (Lydia DePillis, WaPo)

GORE GOES VEGAN: The real question here is, why wasn't Captain Environment already a vegan? (Juliet Eilperin, WaPo)

ONE MINUTE ON THE INTERNET: By the time you finish reading this, 208,000 photos will be uploaded onto Facebook, 350,000 tweets will be tweeted, and 3.5. million questions will be answered by Google. (Leo Mirani, Quartz)


TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION: When you compare the real D.C. to the numerous fictional D.C.'s on TV, things don't look so bad. Why an America that hates its capital city loves watching fictionalized Beltway drama. (T.A. Frank, TNR)

THE REAL WOLF OF WALL STREET: Meet Jordan Belfort, the inspiration for Martin Scorsese's newest movie. Let the 30-day countdown commence. (Geoffrey Gray, NY Mag)


LAST NIGHT'S LATE-NIGHT FUNNIES IN UNDER 3 MINUTES: There is a Butterball turkey shortage this year, but don't worry, it's just a website problem. How did Obama get Iran to compromise? He promised them that if they liked their uranium, they could keep it. (Reena Flores, NJ)

DARE TO CARE ABOUT THE NSA: How does the NSA affect you? Sen. Ron Wyden, Daniel Ellsberg, and others count the ways in a video op-ed. (Brian Knappenberger, NYT)

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