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Political Insiders Poll: Mitt Romney Versus Rick Perry; Best Job-Creation Proposals Political Insiders Poll: Mitt Romney Versus Rick Perry; Best Job-Creat...

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Political Insiders Poll

Political Insiders Poll: Mitt Romney Versus Rick Perry; Best Job-Creation Proposals

Who has a better chance of beating President Obama in 2012—Mitt Romney or Rick Perry?

Democrats (88 votes)

Mitt Romne: 83%
Rick Perry: 17%



“If Romney is deft enough to get the nomination, he will have proven that he can quell the Right and focus on the general.”

“Romney’s business background and relative moderation on social issues would make him a stronger general-election opponent. However, at this point, I see no path to the GOP nomination for him.”


“There is no state Perry can win that Mitt Romney won’t. There are some states Romney can put into play (MA, OH, PA, NH) that are harder for Perry to win.”

“This election is sitting on a platter for Republicans if they do it right. Romney is probably good enough. Perry will get drilled by independent voters and women.”

“Romney plays better with suburban Republicans. The Texas Ranger act does not travel so well.”

“Romney, who is now pretending to be a conservative, can always feint back to the center after winning the nomination. Perry has nowhere to go.”


“Rick Perry will have huge problems with general-election voters, not the least that he’s another ‘tough-talking’ Texan.”

“An unpopular incumbent wins by portraying his or her opponent as an even worse alternative. Easier for the president to do that with Perry.”

“Perry will drive ‘D’ turnout.”

“Rick Perry is all base and no swing.”

“There is a reason Karl Rove and other GOP leaders want Perry out; they know he’s got skeletons and is not ready for prime time.”

“Perry’s mouth will do him in.”


“Perry will energize the ‘R’ base more than Romney and will sweep the South. Romney may have some problems in the South due to evangelicals not liking the fact that he is a Mormon.”

“The GOP can’t win simply by being anti-Obama—they have to galvanize their followers, and I simply don’t believe Romney can ever do that.”

“It’s 1980 again. Some think Perry is too extreme, but it is his ability to appear genuine and confident that voters will remember.”


Who has a better chance of beating President Obama in 2012—Mitt Romney or Rick Perry?

Republicans (97 votes)

Mitt Romney: 69%
Rick Perry: 31%


“Romney understands the economy and how to grow it better than President Obama or Gov. Perry, and it shows.”

“Either Romney or Perry will get Republicans. Romney will get independents, too, and that will be the difference.”

“Romney has more national experience and more seasoned players, will trip himself up less, and will more successfully make the president’s performance the central issue.”

“Warts and all, Mitt Romney has already been vetted, whereas Perry will have to weather a drip, drip, drip of oppo research findings that could prove distracting.”

“As a conservative Republican, I love Rick Perry—but as a campaign strategist, I know the degree to which a few self-reinforcing oppo-hits can devastate a candidate.”

“Having trouble ID-ing a single independent who’d vote for Perry.”

“Perry will not wear well with indies in the Midwest, where the race will be won or lost.”

“Obama’s best argument may be, ‘We won’t go back.’ Why make it easy for them by nominating someone who can’t help but remind voters of George W. Bush?”

“Perry can fire up the base, but this election will be won in the middle, not on the fringes.”

“Perry has zero blue- or swing-state appeal. He is a priceless gift to Team Obama.”


“Romney can’t match Obama in personality, but Perry can.”

“Perry has less baggage that would undermine base turnout.”

“Perry excites the base and unifies the Reagan coalition. Romney doesn’t.”

“This will be a jobs election, and there’s only one candidate in either party who has something to show.”

“Essential to winning: a candidate with the strength to take on the Washington spending machine. Perry conveys strength, Romney not as much.”


Which, if any, of these job-creation proposals should your party support?

Democrats (89 votes)

Extending the payroll-tax holiday: 69%
Providing tax credits for firms hiring new workers: 79%
Investing in infrastructure projects, such as roads, airports, and school construction: 89%
Reducing regulations on businesses: 36%
Lowering the top corporate tax rate to 25 percent: 22%
None of the above: 0%

This article appears in the September 3, 2011 edition of National Journal Magazine.

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