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Congressional Insiders Poll

Q: Would you like to see a compromise on temporarily extending the Bush tax cuts for one year for all income earners?

Democrats (38 votes)

Yes      26%
No       68%
Depends   5%



"With the economy still not quite back on its feet, the best outcome is a short-term two-year extension to build consumer confidence."

"I don't see how Democrats avoid a lot of heat unless we extend."



"Poll after poll shows that the public favors repealing the tax cuts for the wealthy."

"Tax cuts on the wealthy should not be extended; the country can't afford it."

"We should be focusing on providing relief to middle-class taxpayers, who are still struggling in this difficult economy. It's more apparent than ever that trickle-down theories do not work and wealthy taxpayers are not going to reinvest their tax cut into the economy. As government works to manage our resources in these tough economic times, what is most fiscally responsible and what best fulfills our duties to the American people is to help working families, not give breaks to the wealthy."


"We have a sky-high deficit because of a lack of revenue. We can't cut the deficit and cut taxes at the same time--it's impossible."

"It's the middle class, stupid!"

"Enacting tax cuts for the rich during a time of war was irresponsible. Extending them in this current fiscal climate would be as well."

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"It costs $700 million to give a tax break that high-income people don't need. We can go back to the rates of the Clinton administration; it worked OK then."

"Cutting taxes for millionaires is not something that is going to excite the Democratic base, which is something we desperately need to do right now."

"I would like to see an extension only for those making less than $250,000. Those making more than a quarter of a million dollars should go back to the prior tax rate."


"It depends on the compromise."

"I'd like to see a compromise that allows us in Congress to answer the following four questions in the affirmative: Is it fair? Does it stimulate economic growth? Does it provide the certainty and predictability that businesses and families need? Does it enable us to make significant reductions in the enormous budget deficits facing us in the near term and in the long term?"

Q: Would you like to see a compromise on temporarily extending the Bush tax cuts for one year for all income earners?

Republicans (34 votes)

Yes         71%
No          26%
Not likely   3%



"Policy trumps politics."

"Boehner saved Republicans from themselves and demonstrated he is a pragmatist who recognizes that if a GOP majority emerges in 2010 it will have to work across party lines and choose its fights carefully if it is to be re-elected in 2012."

"They should be extended temporarily for all income earners."

"But it needs to be for all income earners. Our economy does not have the time for a debate on what a high-income earner is."

"Given the uncertain economic terrain, doing anything that further disrupts the income of all Americans is unnecessary and could have significant unintended consequences. Until the economy is stable, it makes sense to keep the tax system as it currently is and not go out of our way to increase taxes on the very people we're relying on to create jobs."

"If that's the best that can be achieved then, yes, a one-year extension of all tax cuts is better than letting any tax cuts expire."

"Two years would be better, but if one year is what's offered up, we need to take it."

"If compromise means extending all of them."

"Then when we take the majority in the next Congress we can do what we want."

"Must cover all rates to promote jobs."


"Republicans support a two-year freeze on all tax rates to provide job creators with the certainty they need."

"These repeated debates create too much uncertainty for families and small businesses."

"This is about the economy and job creation, not about punishing the wealthy and small businesses."

"This will just add more uncertainty to an already uncertain economy. We need a permanent extension."

"Extend all rates permanently."

Not likely

"Compromise? There hasn't been compromise for the past 21 months!"

Q: Would you like to see Reps. Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters resign?

Democrats (35 votes)

Both                                29 percent
Just Rangel                          9 percent
Just Waters                          0 percent
Neither                             54 percent
Up to them to decide (volunteered)   6 percent
No opinion (volunteered)             3 percent



"They are the embodiment of why people distrust government."

"The rules have changed, but they still keep playing their old games. It's time for a changing of the guard."

"Yes, unless these cases can be resolved by the Ethics Committee."


"Democrats need to show the public that the Ethics Committee is capable of dealing with members accused of ethical infractions in an impartial, fair, and thorough manner."

"They both deserve their day in court."

"Rangel and Waters should both have an opportunity to be heard."

"I believe in due process. No one should have to resign before they've had their proverbial day in court."

"It is up to the constituents of a district to determine who should serve on their behalf."

"But each of them should seek to settle the matter, rather than stoke the fires of media scandal."

"I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

"No, unless he or she is convicted of a crime."

Up to them

"It is not for me to decide this. It is their careers and reputations at stake. The process needs to proceed."

"They will decide."

Q: Would you like to see Reps. Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters resign?

Republicans (34 votes)

Both                      39 percent
Just Rangel                3 percent
Just Waters                3 percent
Neither                   52 percent
Yes and no (volunteered)   3 percent



"A Republican with these ethical and legal lapses would have resigned long ago."

"If they don't, it will make my day."

"Speaker Pelosi should save face and start draining the swamp before voters empty it on November 2."

Just Rangel

"He is a man who just doesn't belong here anymore. This is a different time with different scrutiny, and while his unethical conduct is business as usual to him, it just doesn't pass as acceptable conduct today. We should be holding our elected representatives to the highest ethical standard possible, not the lowest."


"Both members' remaining in office demonstrates how little the majority has done to drain the swamp."

"Actually, I'd like to see all Democrats resign. The country would be much better off. However, Rangel and Waters have the right to due process and should be considered innocent until proven guilty."

"I think they should resign, but, politically, it's good for the GOP to talk about how they have not resigned."

"They deserve the chance to make their case. The Congress will become unmanageable and unlivable if mere accusations are enough to force members to resign."

"Their ethics problems are gifts that keep on giving."

Yes and no

"For the institution, Rangel, Maxine, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and Sanford Bishop should resign. For November 2, they should vigorously fight the ethics charges."

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